TBS Live Stream Guide: How to Watch TBS Online without Cable

Though less flashy than its cable contemporaries, TBS has quietly been airing hit show after hit show for ages. That’s why so many people like yourself are eager to find a legal way to enjoy a TBS live stream without cable.

While TBS is a cable channel, new streaming options are available to make the network accessible to everyone. Here are the quick steps to watch a TBS live stream without cable:

  1. Sign up for Sling TV’s Best of Live TV basic package (free 7-day trial is available)
  2. Download the Sling TV app on your streaming player of choice (Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox, iOS or Android phone/tablet, or computer)
  3. Open the Sling TV app and choose the TBS channel to watch the channel live streaming

For a full rundown of all your options to watch a TBS stream without cable, check out the complete guide on how to watch TBS online below.


DIRECTV NOW is Just One Way to Stream TBS

directv now review

TBS is just one of the many channels available when you sign up for DIRECTV NOW. Rather than giving you hundreds of channels you’ll never watch, DIRECTV NOW (review) specializes in the skinny bundle. Packages start at $35 and you have multiple packages to choose from. Some popular available channels include AMC, BBC America, Discovery, FX, History, MTV, TBS, TNT, USA, and WGN. You can add channels like Cinemax or HBO for just a few dollars a month. DIRECTV NOW is available anywhere that offers a Wi-Fi connection on both streaming and mobile devices.

Before you become a paying member, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial. This will help you determine if DIRECTV NOW is the best choice for you. If you stay a member, make sure to stay current on all of the member specials. This will allow you to get free streaming devices, like a free Apple TV.


Sling TV Offers Legal, High Quality TBS Live Stream

Sling TV logo

Sling TV is a streaming service similar to Netflix, Hulu, and the like. It allows you to use your internet connection to watch TV programs on your computer, mobile device, or TV. And it’s the best way to stream TBS without cable. With Sling, you can watch TBS on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, etc. on your television.

What sets Sling TV apart from all of the other popular streaming services is this one powerful feature — Sling offers live streams of popular cable channels, not just on-demand content. That’s right, you can watch TBS online (and a ton of other channels) LIVE with Sling TV. You get the same TBS channel as cable subscribers, but at a fraction of the price ($20 a month for over 25 channels with the basic Sling TV Orange package) and there’s no contract to deal with. You just pay month-to-month for as long as you want to keep the service. It’s the cheapest way to enjoy a legal TBS stream without cable.

If you’re a T-Mobile customer, this already amazing deal just got better. For just $14 per month (30% off original price), you can enjoy all that Sling TV’s basic package has to offer. This offer allows you to watch TBS on Sling TV at the discounted price for up to 12 months and you can still cancel at anytime without any hidden penalty fees. To see whether you qualify, sign into your T-Mobile account here.

Click here for a free 7 day trial of Sling TV.


Which TBS Shows and Events Can I Watch With Sling TV?

tbs shows

With Sling TV, you get the same TBS channel that airs on cable TV, so that means you can watch any show that plays on the channel. With your TBS live stream, you can stay up late with Conan O’Brien, and enjoy sitcom staples like Seinfeld and The Big Bang Theory. Or watch talented contestants vie for the title of America’s Greatest Maker, and see how couples can handle the twist on the game show Separation Anxiety. There’s also new original hits, like Angie TribecaFull Frontal with Samantha Bee, The DetourAmerican Dad, and more. Looking for some cartoons? Animation domination is alive and well at TBS with Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show. How about competitive gaming? Tune into ELEAGUE for the latest and greatest in the eSports world.

And don’t forget about all of the sports TBS airs, including the MLB playoffs online, March Madness online (and NCAA basketball throughout the season), or checking out original shows like Clipped, all you need to do is watch TBS to get all that and more.

The TBS live stream also offers a ton of movies to veg out to. The 40 Year Old Virgin, Year One, and Crazy, Stupid Love are just a few of the blockbusters that air regularly on TBS.


What Other Channels Can You Get With Sling TV?

sling tv channels

Sling TV offers a whole lot more than just a TBS live stream. For those of you ready to kick the cable box the the curb, Sling TV has content for everyone in the family. Their basic “Sling Orange” package is just $20 flat and comes with over 25 channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, AMC, CNN, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, ABC Family, HGTV, Food Network, History Channel, IFC, and more. You can read more about Sling TV in my review here.

The best part about live streaming is you get all of the channels you want to watch, but you’re paying a fraction of the price of cable. It also saves you from getting tied into a long-term contract.


Do Any Other Streaming Services Offer a Way to Watch TBS Online?

Playstation Vue

A TBS live stream is also available with Sony’s new streaming service, PlayStation Vue. Vue is similar to Sling TV in that it offers live streams of popular pay TV channels without a cable contract. That means you can watch TBS live. There are, however, some drawbacks you should be aware of.

First, Vue is more expensive than Sling TV. The basic package starts at $29.99 a month in most markets and $39.99 in some other markets. At the higher end, that’s not all that much less than a basic cable TV package. Not to mention in order to get PlayStation Vue, you actually need to have a PlayStation (3 and 4 models only), Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, or iPad/iPhone. Unfortunately for mobile users, Vue does block most mobile streaming outside of your home network, so it’s probably not a great way to watch a TBS live stream on the go.

Vue is expanding rapidly, however, and we expect it to keep getting better. Check our PS Vue review for details.

You can catch some original TBS shows on Amazon Prime and iTunes, but episodes are not available until at least the next day if at all. Also, you have to pay per episode (usually $2.99 each) or get a season pass. That can get pretty expensive if you’re trying to keep up with multiple shows.


What Devices Can You Stream TBS Shows On?

Sling TV devices

With Sling TV, you can watch TBS on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Android TV, Xbox One, mobile devices, iPads, or computers. Remember, you’ll need a streaming player or Xbox One to watch Sling on your TV. Sling TV is running a deal right now where you can get a Roku 2 for free when you sign up for 3 months of service. This is a pretty sweet deal since these streaming players essentially pay for themselves, and they give you easy access to over 2,000 streaming channels (including Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and more). And it’s a great way to watch TBS on Roku. Click here to learn more about the Roku deal.

If you’re more of an Apple person, Sling’s also offering a great deal on a new Apple TV: sign up for 3 months, and get an exclusive discount on an Apple TV (currently $60 off, although these deals change from time to time).

Of course, with PlayStation Vue, you can watch TBS streaming on your PS3 or PS4 and a few other devices.


Can You Watch TBS Online Free?

The best way to watch TBS online free is to sign up for a free 7-day trial of Sling TV. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and start to stream TBS and dozens of other great channels free for one full week. If you like the service, you can continue your service on a month-to-month basis for as long as you wish.

That’s everything you need to know to watch TBS live streaming without cable! Have any questions about TBS streaming? Just leave a comment below, and I’ll gladly answer them.

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