Trump Sanders Debate Live Stream Guide: How to Watch Online (If It Happens)

Trump Sanders debate live stream

In an election cycle that seems to have broken all the rules, the two candidates who most would argue have been the most interesting of this year are poised to potentially debate each other. Now, a debate between a Republican nominee and a Democratic nominee would not be odd at all – however, Bernie Sanders has not secured the Democratic nomination, and it seems as if he will likely be unable to before the convention in July. So what’s with all this talk about a potential Trump/Sanders debate? How can you watch the Trump Sanders debate live stream? Keep reading to learn more…

The drama all started when Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, said on a talk show that he would love to debate Bernie Sanders, but only for $10 million dollars (given to charity). Since then, several wealthy CEOs have stepped up and pledged upwards of $20 million in order to see the two anti-establishment candidates debate each other. A few days ago, the Trump team released a statement saying that he would NOT debate the Vermont senator, but there is still much speculation about this event.

Our goal here at CutCableToday is to make sure all our readers can watch what they want to watch, without having to pay for cable TV. Whether this event will actually happen or not is anyone’s guess. But if it does, we will show you how to watch the Trump Sanders debate live stream right here!


Trump vs Sanders Debate: Will it Happen?

The short answer: nobody knows. While The Donald has released an official statement saying that he will not participate in the debate, significant pressure remains on the Republican candidate to stick to his word. The hashtag #ChickenTrump has surfaced, poking fun at the rambunctious front runner’s call to back out of the debate.

If it does happen, it’s going to be big. The two candidates are both strikingly different, but also similar in some ways. Both seem to be riding a wave of anti-establishment politics. And regardless of your political standings or affiliations, it’s been an interesting cycle to say the least.

If it’s going to take place, you’ll want to know how to watch the Trump Sanders debate online. We’ve got you covered.


When Is the Trump Sanders Debate?

We don’t know. It may not happen at all. But if it does, it will definitely be before the June 7th primary in California. We will keep you posted as developments come out.


What Channel Is the Trump Sanders Debate On?

Again, that’s hard to say given that this event isn’t actually scheduled, and may not happen at all.

With that being said, if it does happen it will likely be on either CNN or Fox News. Both of these networks have hosted Democratic and Republican debates in the past.


How Can I Watch the Trump Sanders Debate Live Stream?

The best way to watch the Trump Sanders debate online will depend on what network hosts the event. With that being said, the options below are likely going to be the best options to stream Trump Sanders debate.


PlayStation Vue Will Likely Be Your Best Bet

Playstation Vue

The service that provides access to the most news networks is definitely PlayStation Vue. With their basic package, you can get access to FOX News, FOX Business, and CNN, plus on-demand access to NBC, ABC and FOX (note that some channels are not available in all regions). And the basic package is only $29.99 a month, with no long-term contract, and provides 55+ channels in total.

PlayStation Vue works on PS3/PS4 gaming consoles, iOS devices, Amazon Fire TVs and Google Chromecasts. If the debate lands on one of the above listed channels, Vue will be your best bet to watch the Trump Sanders debate live stream.

Plus, you can actually try Vue out for free with a 7-day free trial!


Sling TV May Also Work (And it’s Awesome)

Sling TV

Sling TV will likely be a good option to catch the Donald Trump Bernie Sanders debate live stream, as it provides live streaming of CNN and FOX in select markets. If the debate airs on FOX News, it will likely be simulcast on FOX as well, so Sling TV would offer it.

You can read our Sling TV review to learn the full details of this service, but for now, here’s a basic rundown. You’ll pay just $20 a month to get access to 20+ live TV channels, available to stream on a wide variety of devices. Enjoy channels like AMC, TNT, CNN, TBS, ESPN, and much more. Sling is no-contract, meaning you can cancel whenever you want.

Plus, Sling TV offers a free 7-day trial!


An Antenna Might Work

antenna DVR combo

If the Trump vs Bernie debate falls on NBC, ABC, CBS, or FOX, an OTA antenna might be all you need to watch the show. We recommend using a high quality antenna, like the Mohu Leaf. With it, you should be able to pick up all over-the-air channels for free, and you’ll be able to stream Trump Sanders debate for free!


Watch Your Favorite Candidates in Action

If the event happens and you’re able to watch the Trump Sanders debate live stream, it’s sure to be an epic show. But until then, you should check out our Bernie Sanders streaming guide, our Donald Trump streaming guide and our Hillary Clinton streaming guide. These pages go over in detail how you can watch news coverage, rallies, speeches, etc from all of these candidates.

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