World Cup Qualifying Cycle- USA vs. Mexico Live Stream: Watch Online without Cable

World Cup Qualifying Cycle: USA vs. Mexico Book Cover World Cup Qualifying Cycle: USA vs. Mexico

The initial rounds of deciding who will make the 2018 World Cup are underway. Check out how you can watch USA vs. Mexico live stream in their qualifying match!

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The United States and Mexico men’s national soccer teams will meet on November 11th in a 2018 World Cup qualifying match. It will take place in Columbus, Ohio and represents one of the biggest rivalries in soccer on the international stage. The two bordering countries have played many meaningful matches, but this one means a lot to a U.S. team that wants to play well for its expanding fan base. If you’re one of these fans you’ll want to make sure you know exactly how to get a USA vs. Mexico live stream before November 11th!

There are multiple options for watching and you can even get USA vs. Mexico streaming free if you use your options correctly. The below guide gives you all the information you’ll need, so keep reading to learn more.

Not from the US but looking for options for live streaming USA vs Mexico? Click here for international options.


Watch a USA vs. Mexico Live Stream on Sling TV

USA vs. Mexico Live Stream

Sling TV will likely be the best option out there for you to watch USA vs. Mexico online. You can use the service to stream the match directly from FOX Sports 1. Plus, it only costs $25 per month for the subscription.

The Sling Blue package is the one offering FS1 and will let you stream USA vs. Mexico. Other than that, you can watch channels like FS2, TBS, TNT, NBCSN, AMC, CNN, and even channels like FOX and NBC live in certain areas.

If you’re undecided on Sling TV, you can test it out with a 7-day free trial. It’s also a way to get USA vs. Mexico streaming free. Before starting the trial, you can learn more on Sling TV in our review here.

Once you’re thinking about signing up for Sling TV, you should check out the limited-time offers available. When signing up for three months you get to either receive a free Roku player or you can purchase an Apple TV for $60 off. Both will let you get a USA vs. Mexico live stream right on your TV!


Sony’s PlayStation Vue Delivers a USA vs. Mexico Live Stream

USA vs. Mexico live Stream

Another streaming service to stream USA vs. Mexico is PlayStation Vue. It is offered by Sony and also lets you watch FS1 and tons of other channels live streaming. In total, there are over 50 channels in PlayStation Vue’s starting package. The cost is $29.99 per month in most locations throughout the United States.

Some of the included channels are ESPN, ESPN2, NBCSN, CNN, Comedy Central, TBS, TNT, and several more. The only downside of PlayStation Vue, other than the slightly higher cost, is there might be some limitations when streaming. It’s not guaranteed, but you might face some restrictions if you try to stream away from your house. Overall, it’s a great service and a great option to watch USA vs. Mexico online.

Find out more in our PlayStation Vue review.


What If I’m Not in the USA?

If you don’t live in the US, there are still some great legal ways you can watch this game online. Check out your international streaming options here.


This is a huge match for both countries and tickets sold out months in advance. One of the reasons the often discussed overhaul of qualifying formatting might not happen is the importance of this rivalry.

One of the best parts about cutting cable nowadays is you still can watch all your favorite sports. Check out our full sports guide or our guide to watching soccer for cable cutters to learn more.


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