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You can watch the CBS Evening News online without cable. Join host Scott Pelley to see the latest global and national headlines.

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The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley is the networks half hour news show to keep viewers up on events across the nation and the world. The series airs every nightly at 6:30 p.m. ET. What if you want to watch the CBS Evening News online after you cut the cord? News can be hard to find, but we have some answers.

Here is our guide to watching the CBS Evening News live stream.


Stream CBS Evening News Online with CBS All Access

CBS All Access review

Cord cutters will be the first to tell you that CBS can be one of the most challenging networks to replace without cable. But there are a few solutions, and one comes directly from the network itself. CBS All Access can give you the ability to watch CBS Evening News streaming live as it airs so you can keep up with the latest national and international news.

CBS All Access is just $5.99 per month and gives viewers access to a huge on-demand library of current and past CBS shows. New shows are available the day after they air.

But in about 132 markets, covering about 80% of the country, CBS All Access users can get access to the live stream of their local CBS channel so they can stream CBS Evening News full episodes as they air.

Read our CBS All Access review to learn more.

And you can watch CBS All Access on a variety of devices, including your mobile phones and tablets.

Check out a FREE 7-day trial of CBS All Access and watch CBS Evening News online free.

Watch the CBS Evening News Live Stream on PlayStation Vue

The only other option to stream CBS Evening News live is PlayStation Vue. This service offers CBS, and other live, local network, in some markets.

In these areas, the service starts at $39.99 per month. CBS in particular is available in roughly 80 markets across the country, so check out the PlayStation Vue packages to learn more.

You don’t even already have to be a PlayStation user to subscribe. Vue does work with their consoles, but it is also compatible with players like Roku and Chromecast as well so you can watch CBS Evening News streaming. Vue does offer a cloud DVR, but be aware that CBS restricts the use of it for recording their network shows.

Get PlayStation Vue FREE for 5 days and watch CBS Evening News online free.

What Channel is CBS Evening News On?

The CBS Evening News channel, CBS of course, is possible to recreate without cable. And you may even be able to watch some recent episodes online directly from the CBS website. You can also consider how to watch CBS online with a service like CBS All Access, so start with a FREE trial.

That is what we know about how to watch CBS Evening News online without cable. Check out more of your favorites here in our search tool. Or look for special deals on internet service providers in your area just for cord cutters.

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