How to Watch DIRECTV NOW on Apple TV


Whether you just got an Apple TV or you just signed up for DIRECTV NOW, you might need to know how to setup DIRECTV NOW so you can watch it on Apple TV. If that’s the case, that’s what this article is for. By the end, you should know all you need to know to download, install, and begin watching DIRECTV NOW on Apple TV. If you’re not currently a DIRECTV NOW subscriber and want to learn more about what the service offers you can check out our DIRECTV NOW review.

Apple TV, DIRECTV NOW – How to Watch DIRECTV NOW on Apple TV

So, you want to watch DIRECTV NOW on Apple TV. DIRECTV NOW sign up is the first step. If you’re unsure of the package that you want, you can learn more about your options in our DIRECTV NOW review. There’s a free one-week trial that will get you started and you can begin watching DIRECTV NOW on Apple TV immediately! Once you’ve picked your membership out and signed up, you’re ready to get rolling.


Step 1 – Find DIRECTV NOW on Apple TV

The best way to do this is to use the search feature. You can lookup DIRECTV NOW and this will allow you to download and install or launch the DIRECTV NOW app from the App Store. This area will also let you know if your DIRECTV NOW app needs updated. The default setting allows Apple TV to automatically update DIRECTV NOW, as needed. If you’ve turned that setting off, going to the DIRECTV NOW page in the app store will allow you to find and install updates.


Step 2 – Install DIRECTV NOW on Apple TV

Once you find the app in the App Store you just need to install it. Once you’ve selected the DIRECTV NOW app you’ll see the option “Get for free.” Just click that and you’ll be one step closer to watching DIRECTV NOW. You may need to enter your Apple ID and password, so if it asks for it, just enter it and your download/installation will continue.


Step 3 – Sign In and Watch

While Apple does offer single sign-ins where cable and TV Everywhere apps are concerned, you’ll need to sign in to DIRECTV NOW the first time you go to use it. After that it should leave you logged in. Once you’ve signed in you can explore DIRECTV NOW like you would on any other streaming device. You just need to find something to watch either in live stream or on-demand, relax, and enjoy!

It really couldn’t be easier to watch DIRECTV NOW on Apple TV. If you’re familiar with iOS you know just how easy it is to add and remove apps that you want/don’t want. That said, if you have any questions about how to watch DIRECTV NOW on Apple TV, we’re happy to help! Feel free to check our DIRECTV NOW review or you can leave any questions you have in our comment section!

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