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Tommy Christmas and Co. are restoring old cars in their garage, and having a good time while they're at it. Looking for a way to watch Fat N Furious online? We've got you covered.

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Fat N Furious: Rolling Thunder is a Discovery Channel show that follows Tommy Christmas and the rest of the boys at his shop as they set out to do the one thing they know best: bringing new life to muscle cars that were left for dead, and then pushing those cars to the limit on the track. If you’re looking to watch Fat N Furious online, we can help you out.

A new season begins May 2, 2016, and fans can’t wait to see what cars will be restored this season. If you need to catch up on old episodes, or you want to keep track of the new season, read on to find all the ways for you to watch Fat N Furious online.


Fat N Furious: Rolling Thunder Streaming Through PlayStation Vue

watch fat n furious online

If you want to watch Fat N Furious online free, your best option is going to be with PlayStation Vue. This is a service that offers up live streaming cable channels as part of their packages (which start at about $30 a month, much less than cable), meaning you can watch a Fat N Furious: Rolling Thunder live stream as it’s airing, and stream it to a selection of the most popular devices, including Chromecast and Amazon Fire.

The Vue service is available nationwide, but with some limits. In seven market cities Vue customers can watch their local networks (like NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX) live as well. In the majority of the country though, local networks are only available on demand starting the next day.

There’s one major thing to be aware of if you’re interested in the Vue streaming service. You can only stream at home, connected to your home network. If you try to stream outside your home, you’ll find that your options are very limited.

If you’d like to know more, you can find our full thoughts and review of PlayStation Vue here.


Watch Fat N Furious Online: Buy Full Episodes From Amazon and Vudu

If you just want a few Fat N Furious: Rolling Thunder full episodes, you can buy the episodes outright 24 hours after they air. Amazon Instant Video is your best bet for buying episodes, followed closely by Vudu, iTunes, and GooglePlay. Remember that if you do buy single episodes, it can get expensive quickly. If you plan on watching a lot of Fat N Furious: Rolling Thunder streaming, you’re going to be better off with a streaming service.


Anything Else We Can Help You Find?

Fat N Furious: Rolling Thunder has been going strong for two seasons so far, and a third season is set to begin in May. The show airs on Discovery, but that doesn’t mean you can only watch with cable.

Follow, and you can use our TV show search tool to find out how you can watch any television show online. If you’ve decided to join the millions of people ditching cable, you know that if you don’t have a good Internet connection, you won’t be able to stream your shows well! For the best quality cord cutting, you can use our ISP search tool to find the best deals in your area.


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