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Want to watch FX online but don’t have cable? There are now several great legal ways you can watch a FX live stream on all your favorite devices.

Don’t think that just because you cut cable, you won’t be able to watch FX’s American Horror Story, The Americans, Atlanta, Baskets, or endless episodes of The Simpsons. There are tons of amazing, legal streaming services that let you stream FX.

Choosing a streaming service can be overwhelming, so we’ll rank your options and help you figure out the best way to livestream FX online.

Guide to streaming FX network

You won’t find a cheaper long term solution for streaming FX.
(Live a Little)
Along with FX, DIRECTV NOW hooks you up with tons of other channels for a great price.
(Live a Little)
fuboTV specializes in streaming sports, but it also carries FX.
(Youtube TV)
YouTube TV is one of the best overall streaming services, and it offers FX as well.
(Youtube TV)
(Limited Commercials)
Stream FX and when you’re done, enjoy basically unlimited on-demand shows.
(Limited Commercials)
Promotional price lasts for only the first two months and then jumps to $44.99 a month going forward.

#1 Sling TV: Cheapest way to livestream FX

Sling TV(Blue)


  • Broad range of channels
  • Super cheap base packages

What we like about it: Almost like à la carte TV

Drawbacks: Not as many channels as competitors

Who it’s perfect for: Those looking for the best deal

If you’re researching the cheapest way to stream FX, look no further—Sling TV is probably the streaming service for you. And just to make sure, you can try out Sling TV and watch FX for free with a 7-day trial.

Pricing and plans for Sling TV

What immediately stands out with Sling TV, of course, is the price. Currently, it’s the only streaming service that streams FX and has a two as its first digit in the monthly price. Sling TV was made with the budget streamer in mind.

Of course, the low price comes with a catch—the channel count for Sling packages aren’t as robust as other streaming services. For example, if you know you want to watch only FX, AMC, and History Channel, then you’ll be perfectly fine with Sling Blue for $25 a month. But if you want FX and channels like ESPN, Disney Channel, and BBC, you’ll need to combine Sling Blue and Sling Orange for a more significant $40 a month. If you can live with missing out on a few other channels, Sling TV is a great, cheap way to livestream FX.

Watching FX with Sling TV

For those of you migrating from a cable subscription, you should feel right at home with Sling TV. The interface includes a channel guide exactly like what you’ve seen with a cable service. The streaming quality holds up well too. You may run into a few instances of buffering, but those moments should be pretty rare, especially if you have internet speeds around 25 Mbps.

Unfortunately, Sling TV has its downsides. For one, it doesn’t offer cloud DVR built in to your subscription. You can pay an extra $5 a month for 50 hours of cloud DVR storage, though. So, if you’re the type of fan who watches American Horror Story live or on-demand, you can live without the cloud DVR. For the rest of us that have a hard time keeping up with our shows, cloud DVR can be super helpful, and may be worth the extra $5 a month. Besides, even with the extra cloud DVR fee, Sling TV still ends up being cheaper than most other streaming services.

Read more about Sling TV in our in-depth review.

Sling TV device compatibility

You can stream FX with Sling TV using most devices, except for PlayStation consoles.

#2 DIRECTV NOW: Watch FX and enjoy tons of other channels

DIRECTV NOW(Live a Little)


  • Channel variety for everyone
  • Lots of on-demand options

What we like about it: Cheap channels for days

Drawbacks: $10 more per month than Sling TV

Who it’s perfect for: Those looking for the best channel package

DIRECTV NOW makes a great fit for the cord-cutters who want FX and a lot of channels to choose from. You can try DIRECTV NOW for free with a 7-day trial.

Pricing and plans for DIRECTV NOW

To watch FX, you can go with the base DIRECTV NOW package for $35 a month. That will give you over 60 channels in addition to the American Horror Story marathon you’ve been craving.

Take a look at DIRECTV NOW’s channel list, do some soul searching, and see if you think the 20 extra channels you’ll get justify the extra $10 bucks a month more than Sling TV. If you want to switch from watching FX to ESPN, for example, then you’d be better off sticking with DIRECTV NOW.

Watching FX with DIRECTV NOW

Assuming you have a strong internet speed (we suggest around the 25 Mbps range to minimize buffering), your streaming quality should come across nicely. The interface is simple and intuitive, although we did run into a few bugs while we were testing. For example, if you scroll too quickly through your menu, the system can freeze, which requires a restart. And yeah, that is really annoying. But you probably won’t run into too many problems with your average FX streaming experience.

We’re sad to say that DIRECTV NOW currently doesn’t offer any form of cloud DVR, so you can’t record your favorite FX shows and watch them later. We’re confident that will be changing soon, but in the meantime, if you’re wanting to marathon The Americans (which we highly recommend), maybe scroll back up to Sling TV.

For more pros and cons with DIRECTV NOW, check out our review.

DIRECTV NOW device compatibility

Streaming FX with DIRECTV NOW is pretty dang easy. Most streaming devices are compatible.


#3 fuboTV: Watch FX with a sweet promotional price



  • Low introductory price
  • Strong DVR options

What we like about it: Cheap promotional price

Drawbacks: You’re paying for quite a few soccer channels.

Who it’s perfect for: FX fans who happen to be also be big sports fans.

fuboTV is more famous for its niche channels, but it also covers the essentials like FX. You can sample fuboTV with a 7-day trial.

Pricing and plans for fuboTV

Sometimes a week isn’t enough to know whether or not you want to commit to a streaming service. fuboTV is running a promotion where new subscribers get the first two months for $19.99 a month, which is a good opportunity to do a deeper dive and see how much you like the service. Once that promotional period ends, the subscription price jumps to $39.99 a month, so you could always cancel before that happens.

Before you commit to anything, make sure to look at fuboTV’s channel list. You’ll notice it has most of the essentials covered, like FX, History Channel, Food Network, USA, and more, but it also has lots of unique sports coverage. Let’s just say if you’re also a soccer fan, there’s a lot to chew on here.

Watching FX with fuboTV

You may have never heard of fuboTV, but it offers a streaming quality that rivals bigger names like DIRECTV NOW and Sling TV. There is a catch, however; you absolutely need to have a strong internet speed with this service.

To get a solid stream with fuboTV, we say aim for at least 50 Mbps. We bring that up because we tested it with a fast internet speed (90 Mbps), and the stream was excellent, but then we tested it with a lower internet speed (30 Mbps), and the difference was huge. The lower internet speed resulted in much laggier and fuzzier streaming quality. Fast internet speed is the key to watching FX with fuboTV.

With your subscription, you get 30 hours of cloud DVR storage. That means you can record American Horror Story, Fargo, and The Americans and enjoy the episodes later. To give you an idea of how that storage space, a season of American Horror Story takes about 12 hours. The 30 hours fills up more quickly than you might think, so you can pay an additional $9.99 a month and get 500 hours of storage, which should last you a nice long while.

Check out our fuboTV review for more details on the service itself.

fuboTV device compatibility

Finding a streaming device that carries fuboTV shouldn’t be an issue. You can stream FX with fuboTV on most devices out there.

#4 YouTube TV: Watch FX with a great overall streaming service

Youtube TV(Youtube TV)


  • Unlimited DVR
  • Strong streaming quality

What we like about it: YouTube Red included with your subscription

Drawbacks: Available only in select markets

Who it’s perfect for: FX fans who also watch a lot of YouTube

YouTube recently launched its own live TV streaming service, and we’ve been impressed so far. Try out YouTube TV for yourself and watch FX for free with a 7-day trial.

Prices and plans for YouTube TV

You won’t need to stress about which channel package to choose with YouTube TV—it offers only one. Thankfully that one package includes FX as well as more than 50 other channels for $35 a month. Check out the channel list and see exactly what you’d be paying for.

Now on to our favorite part: your subscription comes with YouTube Red, which lets you watch YouTube without any ads. Of course, this has nothing to do with watching FX, but if you like watching YouTube videos, it’s a nice perk worth considering.

Watching FX with YouTube TV

Before we get into the streaming details, it’s important to know that YouTube TV isn’t available across the entire country just yet. Here’s a list of the markets that allow for YouTube TV streaming. Make sure you see your market on the list before taking the plunge.

Alright, so we were pretty impressed with YouTube TV. If we had to rank this list by streaming quality alone, we’d put YouTube TV right behind PlayStation Vue, so you should experience the full effect of those American Horror Story jump scares (assuming you have a strong internet speed).

You also get unlimited cloud DVR storage with your subscription, and your content won’t delete for nine months. That may sound like a big window, but we both know how backlogged a DVR can get. We suggest keeping on top of your DVR content just in case.

YouTube TV device compatibility

You can stream FX using YouTube TV with most of the devices out there, except for video game consoles.

YouTube TV Devices:

#5 Hulu with Live TV: Stream FX and have tons of on-demand content to binge

Hulu Live TV(Limited Commercials)


  • Tons of on-demand content
  • Unlimited simultaneous streams available

What we like about it: Access to Hulu’s entire streaming library

Drawbacks: More expensive option

Who it’s perfect for: Those who want to enjoy live TV and on-demand content

If you’re looking for the best of both live and on-demand content, Hulu with Live TV may be the streaming service for you. Check out Hulu Live and watch FX for free with a 7-day trial.

Pricing and plans for Hulu with Live TV

Choosing a Hulu Live package is pretty easy since there’s only one to choose from. Your subscription lets you watch FX and nets you other great channels like ESPN, HGTV, TNT, and more for $39.99 a month.

The best thing about Hulu’s live TV subscription is that you get access to Hulu’s entire streaming library (a $7.99 a month value) included. If you’re not familiar with Hulu, it’s a lot like Netflix in that you can watch full seasons of shows on demand, but Hulu also adds new episodes of shows periodically. So if you miss an episode of The Americans or forgot to record it, no worries—you can watch it after it the day after airs. As opposed to FX’s on-demand content, Hulu keeps all the episodes from previous seasons, so you can binge watch shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Sons of Anarchy from the beginning and catch up.

Watching FX with Hulu with Live TV

Considering Hulu has a pretty long history of streaming video, naturally your expectations of the streaming service should be pretty high. We’re happy to say Hulu Live generally lives up to the hype.

Hulu Live’s livestreaming quality wasn’t quite as good as its on-demand streaming, but that shouldn’t deter you. Most livestreaming services can’t compare to on demand just yet (except maybe PlayStation Vue).

From a features standpoint, Hulu Live TV offers 50 hours of cloud DVR storage included with your subscription. When you compound the free cloud DVR, thousands of hours of on-demand content, plus live TV, it’s really not a bad deal. It’s not the cheapest way to stream FX, but it’s a great overall package and a great way to binge FX content.

You can read our more detailed Hulu with Live TV review for more info.

Hulu with Live TV device compatibility

Streaming FX with Hulu Live is possible on most popular devices.

Hulu Live TV Devices:

#6 PlayStation Vue: Watch FX with excellent streaming quality

Playstation Vue(Access Package)


  • Top-notch streaming quality
  • Strong DVR

What we like about it: Works with PlayStation consoles

Drawbacks: More expensive option

Who it’s perfect for: FX fans with an eye for streaming quality

PlayStation Vue may not be the cheapest way to stream FX, but it does offer the best overall quality to watch your favorite FX shows. Try it out for yourself for free with a 5-day trial.

Pricing and plans for PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue offers a couple different channel packages to choose from, but the cheapest one that includes FX is the Access package. Along with FX, the Access package hooks you up with AMC, ESPN, HGTV, and over 45 other channels.

The reason we can’t recommend PlayStation Vue over alternatives is because, simply put, you can stream FX for cheaper than $39.99 a month. But that doesn’t necessarily mean PlayStation Vue isn’t the best choice for you. It just depends on what you’re looking for.

Watching FX with PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue offers the best streaming quality around, in our honest opinion. We’ve tested all the streaming services, and we noticed PlayStation Vue experienced way fewer instances of buffering, fuzzy picture, or buggy interface issues. It may have something to do with the fact that PlayStation has a lot of experience with online gaming technology, but all we know is the streaming quality looked great.

Here’s a cool thing about PlayStation Vue—unlimited cloud DVR storage. You can record essentially anything and everything, but there is a catch: your content deletes after 28 days. So, don’t make the mistake of recording an entire season of Fargo and forgetting to watch it for more than a couple weeks. Hey, this gives you an excuse to spend more time watching great shows.

If you want to know more, you can read our PlayStation Vue review.

PlayStation Vue device compatibility

For cord-cutters who want to stream FX using their PlayStation consoles, PlayStation Vue is the only option. But you can stream PlayStation Vue on plenty of other (non-gaming) devices as well.

PlayStation Vue Devices:

#7 Wildcard: Watch FX app: Stream FX on the go

All of the streaming services we talked about here authenticate with the FXNOW app, which means once you’ve signed up for one, you can watch FX anytime, anywhere. All you need to do is put in your account information, and you’re golden.

Download the FXNOW app on Android TV, Roku, iPhone, iPod, Xbox, Windows 10, Android devices, Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire TV.

Choose what’s best for you

We’ve talked about the best options for watching FX online—now it’s time to decide what works best for you. We both need to be ready for all the upcoming Fargo, The Americans, Atlanta, Baskets and American Horror Story seasons. Thank goodness for TV.

Now we’ve got some questions for you. What streaming service did you end up choosing? How has the experience gone so far? Let us know in the comments below! Your feedback helps us make sure we’re making the best recommendations.

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