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Grace and Frankie's relationship becomes even more strained when they discover that their husbands have been romantically involved with each other for decades. Want to watch Grace and Frankie online?

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Netflix’s original programming like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Ranch, and Orange is the New Black, have been nothing short of smash hits, and another series is set to debut season two in May. Grace and Frankie tells the story of two women: rivals whose competition comes to a screeching halt when their husbands fall in love with each other. Both of their worlds are falling apart, and all they have is each other. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin star in this series, reuniting from several other great projects they’ve worked on.

Grace and Frankie is geared towards an older audience, so it’s somewhat of a departure from normal Netflix fare. The first season was successful though, so a second season is on the way. If you want to watch Grace and Frankie online, here are the details on how.


Watch Grace and Frankie Online With Netflix

watch Grace and Frankie online

Netflix is easily the most well known name in the streaming video world, and it’s where you’ll find Grace and Frankie full episodes. Netflix subscribers get access to thousands of streaming TV shows and movies for as little as $7.99 a month ($9.99 a month if you want HD). You can watch on almost any device, including your television, laptop, cell phone, or tablet. If you’re interested in seeing why Netflix has millions of subscribers, you can actually test out the service free for a month thanks to a free 30-day trial they’re offering. If you don’t like what’s available, just cancel and you owe nothing.


Can I Watch the Grace and Frankie Live Stream Free?

You can watch Grace and Frankie streaming online, but you’ll need Netflix to do it. The series is an exclusive, so that’s the only place to legally watch.

If you’d like to watch Grace and Frankie online free, you’ll have to sign up for Netflix’s 30-day free trial. This will allow you to watch all of season one, and if you wait until season two is released, you can watch that in its entirety as well.


When Does the Second Season of Grace and Frankie Come Out?

The entire second season of Grace and Frankie will be released on May 6, 2016.


How Many Episodes of Grace and Frankie Season 2 Are There Going to Be?

Season two of Grace and Frankie will have 13 episodes, all released at one time.

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