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This comedy countdown mashup is sure to deliver laughs as Amanda Seales and Co. search for the greatest things on Earth. Find out how to watch Greatest Ever online here!

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Everyone loves a good countdown, and truTV is going to countdown everything with their new show Greatest Ever. Each episode, comedienne/host Amanda Seales and a panel of experts give us the rundown of the greatest things in the world. Topics include everything from funny pet and wedding videos, to politics, to strange and hilarious as-seen-on-TV products!

The series will premiere on Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at 10 p.m. ET to hit you with the laughs just after you recover from your Independence Day parties, and then continue every Tuesday from there for the next few weeks. If you want to get in on the action before your friends spoil the series for you, follow this handy guide on how to watch Greatest Ever online without a cable or satellite subscription.


Watch a Greatest Ever Live Stream on Sling TV

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The only real way to not get spoiled is to watch a Greatest Ever live stream, and the best way to do that is through Sling TV. Sling TV is easily your best option for watching Greatest Ever online live as they air on truTV.

Sling TV is a live cable streaming service. That means it lets you stream your favorite cable channels on compatible devices, and they have apps for just about every device out there. You cannot watch Greatest Ever free episodes with it, but for just $20 every month Sling TV (review) will let you watch every episode as it airs and then as a rotating on-demand selection (subject to availability from truTV), all with no contract or cancellation penalties. You can also use their 7-day free trial to watch an episode of Greatest Ever online free, and test out the service at the same time!

The free trial is on top of any other deal they might have at the moment. They often have deals where you can get a free Roku player or a discounted Apple TV device if you sign up and stay with the service for 3 months. They also have a great deal for T-Mobile users at the moment. If you have T-Mobile, you can use your Binge-On feature to stream live TV through Sling TV on a 30% discount for one whole year with no contract or penalty. That is you only pay $14 a month to stream Greatest Ever episodes on all of your T-Mobile devices.


Stream Greatest Ever Live on PlayStation Vue

watch greatest ever online

If you have a PlayStation, you already have a way to watch a Greatest Ever live stream. PlayStation Vue is another live cable streaming service that will let you watch Greatest Ever online live on truTV every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET. The service starts at $29.99 a month, and is currently available on your PlayStation 3 or 4, iPad, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast devices. Just note that you can only stream Greatest Ever through PlayStation Vue while you are home.

Your service is tied to your home locations, and you love features as you move away from there, even with the iOS app. Get your free trial of Vue and find out what channels are available in your location.


Is Greatest Ever on Netflix?

No. You cannot stream Greatest Ever on Netflix at this time.


Is Greatest Ever on Hulu?

No. You cannot watch Greatest Ever online with Hulu at this time. We will update you if either of these situations change in the near future.


Other Greatest Ever Streaming Sites

If you cannot watch Greatest Ever online live on truTV, you do have other options. If you go this route, you do own the full episodes you buy forever. We just recommend that you get a season pass for each show so you can save money and get the new episodes as soon as they come available.

  • Amazon Instant Video – Amazon Instant Video is the best service to use if you cannot watch the series live. Episodes will pop up on to the service about a week after they air.
  • Vudu – Vudu is another streaming site that lets you buy Greatest Ever full episodes a week after they air.
  • iTunes and Google Play – If all else fails, you can watch Greatest Ever full episodes on your mobile device.

Television and the internet are full of great countdown shows and specials. If you want to watch them all, just head over to our Watch TV Online search tool to find them. Our ISP search tool will then show you what Internet plans you need to use to watch them without a cable subscription.


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