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Hard Knocks returns for an all-new season following the Los Angeles Rams through training camp in their new hometown. Want to watch Hard Knocks online but don't have cable?

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For many football fans, the season starts well before the official kickoff in September. They love the strategy of the off-season, free agency, the draft, and training camp. Knowing that every little decision that goes into managing the team is critical to the team’s regular season success and Super Bowl odds is exciting and makes for compelling television. That’s why it should come as no surprise that so many football lovers are eagerly anticipating the return of HBO’s hit documentary series Hard Knocks.

Now returning for its 11th season on August 9, a series of Hard Knocks episodes follows a single team throughout their entire training camp, giving fans exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage they can’t find anywhere else. This year, the featured team is the Los Angeles Rams, and viewers will have greater access to the show than ever before thanks to a number of new streaming services. Read on to learn how you can watch Hard Knocks online, live and on demand, all season long without cable.

Live outside of the USA? Click here to learn about your international options to watch Hard Knocks online.


Sling TV Lets You Watch Hard Knocks Episodes Online Live and On Demand

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In the past, giving up cable meant missing out on great, premium programming, like HBO. Back then, you couldn’t watch Hard Knocks online. And any Hard Knocks live stream you’d find online was illegal, not to mention potentially riddled with malware. But that was then and this is now. Today, there are a number of legal streaming services that can give us easy access to pay TV channels, including HBO. At the head of the pack is Sling TV, a new live streaming service from Dish Network.

What’s Sling TV? It’s a live streaming service that gives subscribers access to a number of popular cable channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, AMC, CNN, TNT, TBS, and of course, HBO. Sling TV starts at only $20 a month with no contract. Access to HBO is only $15 on top of that price. Compared to the cost of the average cable TV package, this is a very attractive deal to cord cutters and cord nevers alike. To see if Sling TV is right for you, you can click here to try any package free for 7 days.

Sling TV offers both an HBO live stream and HBO’s entire on-demand library (the same content that you’d find on HBO GO or HBO NOW). That means you can watch Hard Knocks streaming live as it airs or later on demand at your own convenience. Please note that Hard Knocks episodes aren’t available on demand until the day after they air, due to NFL licensing restrictions.

Of course, the Hard Knocks streaming options aren’t the only NFL draw to Sling TV. Because Sling TV carries ESPN, you’ll also get to watch Monday Night Football all season long plus any playoff games ESPN carries.

Click here to learn more about Sling TV.


HBO NOW Offers Another Way to Watch Hard Knocks Online

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If Sling TV isn’t the best option for you, there’s another option you might be interested in. Earlier this year, HBO launched its own standalone streaming service for those without cable — HBO NOW. With HBO NOW, you can watch the Hard Knocks stream on demand the day afterit airs. HBO NOW is available on Apple TV, iOS devices, Android tablets and phones, and Amazon Fire Tablet. It’s expected to be available on other devices in the near future.

HBO NOW is $15 per month. It’s an on-demand service similar to Netflix or Hulu. So, while you won’t get an actual HBO live stream like you would with Sling TV, you’ll still be able to watch new Hard Knocks episodes online whenever you want. The on-demand library is the same as that on HBO GO (for cable subscribers only) and Sling TV.

How to Watch Hard Knocks Online Outside of the USA

If you live outside of the USA, there are still ways you can watch Hard Knocks online. Click here for info on how to watch Hard Knocks streaming internationally. Remember, new episodes aren’t available on demand until the day after they air.


Watch the NFL Online All Season Long

If you’re a football fan, not only do you want to watch Hard Knocks online, but you also want to keep up with your favorite teams all season long. Thankfully, there are plenty of great options for streaming the NFL this season. Click here to check out my complete NFL live streaming guide.


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