Watch Hawaii Five-O Online: Legal Live Stream & On-Demand Guide

watch hawaii five-o online

On Friday, September 25 at 9 p.m. ET, fans of Hawaii Five-O will be rejoicing when the show returns for its sixth season. The hit CBS show is always action-packed and exciting, and the new season promises to be its best yet.

If you are looking forward to watching, you can tune in to CBS for free on an antenna since CBS is a free over-the-air network. Many viewers, however, prefer to watch Hawaii Five-O online. There are a number of good legal options for those who prefer to do their viewing over the internet rather than just over-the-air.


CBS All Access Offers Easy Way to Watch Hawaii Five-O Online

CBS All Access

CBS has its own standalone streaming service known as All Access. For $5.99 a month, you can get on-demand access to Hawaii Five-O as well as other popular CBS shows. Right now, the entire Hawaii Five-O series can be streamed on All Access (review). That’s 118 episodes and counting.

In addition to offering new and old Hawaii Five-O full episodes on demand, CBS All Access also offers live streaming n nearly 100 select cities.

Simply put, All Access is the best way to watch Hawaii Five-O online. You can get a free 7-day trial by clicking here.


Watch a Limited Selection of Hawaii Five-O Full Episodes Free on

If you’re looking to catch an episode or two of Hawaii Five-O, does offer a limited selection of episodes for free on their website. However, the content is much more limited. While some episodes of Hawaii Five-O will likely be posted for viewing, they usually aren’t made available until at least 8 days after the episode has aired. Furthermore, episodes usually don’t stay available for very long. also does not offer full seasons of shows on its free service, and the number of episodes you can view is usually very limited.


Use Your Antenna and DVR to Watch and Record Hawaii Five-O

Because CBS is available for free over-the-air, you can tune in on your TV with a good antenna. We recommend the Mohu Leaf 50 because you can use this indoor HDTV antenna to pick up stations in all directions within a 50-mile radius. Its ultra-thin and compact design also allows you to place the antenna behind a television set or anywhere you want it.

Watching on an antenna does not mean you have to tune in on your local TV only when the show airs live. With a Tablo DVR, you can record programs that air on an antenna. You can stream these shows anywhere in the world to your connected devices, and you can also pause, rewind, and fast-forward live TV. This option is a great solution if you want the convenience of watching Hawaii Five-O streaming, but you also want to use an antenna to pick up the show for free. You can learn more about the best OTA DVRs in my guide.


Other Ways to Watch Hawaii Five-O Online

Hawaii Five-O is also going to be available on leading next-day video services, including Amazon Instant, Google Play, and iTunes/ You’ll have to wait until the day after the episode airs if you opt for one of these methods of watching Hawaii Five-O online, and it can become costly, with each episode running as high as $3. A discounted season pass on Amazon will cost as much as $39.99, which means you’ll pay a lot to watch Hawaii Five-O full episodes. All Access is a more affordable option in most cases.

Have any questions about watching Hawaii Five-O online? Just comment below and I’ll help.

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