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If you're a fan of reality TV and house-flipping shows, Home Free is the FOX series you'll want to watch. It pits nine couples against one another to test their skills for reviving old homes that need the DIY touch. Each week, one couple goes home for not doing as well as the others. To watch Home Free online, this guide has all the tips.

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Home Free is a reality/competition show that takes nine deserving couples and allows them the chance to revive a run-down home. Each week, a couple is removed from the competition for not progressing as well as the other couples. Each week presents new challenges and things only get harder as all of the couples must end their day in the same run-down home, where they will live while participating in the challenge. This continues until just two couples remain in a fight to win their dream home.

The second season of Home Free will air on FOX beginning June 16 at 9 p.m. ET. FOX is a local channel, so you should be able to watch Home Free online free without a problem. Whether you choose to watch online through a subscription service or offline with a digital antenna, you’ve got plenty of options. The following guide will tell you just how to watch Home Free online.


Watch the Home Free Live Stream on Sling TV

watch home free online

Sling TV is an amazing live stream service that offers as many as 20 great cable channels and an on-demand library for just $20 a month. If you want to watch FOX, Sling TV offers a special package that includes a variety of channels including FX, National Geographic, AMC, TBS, and a number of other great channels. Sling TV (review) is available using most of the major streaming devices, so you can watch at home or from the location of your choice. Sign up today and Sling TV will give you a free 7-day trial. Buy three months of Sling TV at one time and they’ll throw in a free Roku! The Sling trial is a great way to watch Home Free online free of charge for a week, so keep that in mind too.

T-Mobile users are offered great deals on Sling TV as well! For instance, T-Mobile users can sign up with their account to get a 30% discount on the Best of Live TV package. That means that you’ll get the package for just $14 a month and the discount lasts for up to a full year. Add in T-Mobile’s Binge On feature, and you’ll be able to watch as much TV as you want without it counting against your data. Learn more about this great deal and make sure to sign up for your free trial today!


Watch Home Free Streaming on Hulu

watch home free online

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services around. Offering the perfect mix of current and former TV shows, a large and revolving selection of movies, and a growing selection of originals, Hulu has everything a cord cutter could want. Currently, many FOX shows are available on Hulu (review), and they tend to arrive within eight days of airing on TV. The first season of Home Free is available on Hulu now, so you can expect to enjoy new episodes of Home Free streaming within a few days after they air. You can enjoy Hulu on a variety of streaming devices. If you can handle commercials, you can get Hulu for just $7.99 a month. If you’re not interested in commercials, the cost is still reasonable at $11.99 a month. And if you’re new to Hulu, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial to watch Home Free online free.


Watch the Home Free Live Stream with PlayStation Vue

watch home free online

PlayStation Vue is a live stream service that offers about 60 popular channels and an on-demand library of previously aired content for just $30 a month. PlayStation Vue offers a wide variety of channels including AMC, Bravo, Lifetime, Food Network, ESPN, Cartoon Network, Disney, and TNT. Local channels are available if you live in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, or Dallas, which means you can watch Home Free online live. If you’re not in these areas, you still receive the content — it is just delivered to your on-demand library the day after it airs on TV. You can watch PlayStation Vue on PS3, PS4, iPhone, iPad, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV. If you’re a big mobile user, PlayStation Vue might end up being a letdown for you. When you sign up, you are tied to your home location. From that point, mobile restrictions make it impossible to watch anything else outside of your home.

You can learn more about PlayStation Vue in our full review.


Other Ways to Watch Home Free Full Episodes

Another option to watch Home Free online is to buy the episodes. Episodes can be purchased through a variety of streaming services. They all range in price, though are relatively inexpensive. Most services allow you to sign up for a season pass, which will lower the cost of each episode and ensure that it’s delivered to your video library as soon as it becomes available.

Amazon Instant Video: Amazon has videos for $2, and that price lowers if you order the season pass. New episodes are delivered into your library as soon as the next day. You can watch Amazon videos on most streaming devices.

Vudu: Vudu offers $2 episodes and season passes. Episodes are delivered the day after they air on TV. You can watch Vudu on a wide variety of streaming devices.

iTunes: iTunes episodes are viewable on Apple devices. Episodes cost about $3 and most shows offer the option of a season pass. You will receive new episodes within 24-hours of airtime.


Watch Home Free Online Free with a Digital Antenna and OTA DVR

One of the easiest ways to watch Home Free online free is with a digital antenna and an over-the-air DVR. If you don’t have cable, a digital antenna is an essential purchase. It gives you more channels than you’d receive without one and it ensures that all your channels look and sound like they would if you had cable. While functions vary depending on the model you choose, most digital antennas will scan in all directions to ensure that you get as many channels as possible. If you need some help picking out a digital antenna, you can check out our digital antenna comparison guide. Once you get a digital antenna, you can pair it with an over-the-air DVR. DVRs that are available for cord cutters are similar to cable DVRs. Functionality varies based on the model you choose, but common features include the ability to fast-forward, rewind, and pause, the ability to pair streaming devices with your DVR so you can watch your shows on-the-go, and the ability to watch and record different shows. You can learn all about the different DVR models in our DVR comparison guide.

Is Home Free on Netflix?

watch home free online

Home Free streaming is not available on Netflix at this time. You may be able to watch Home Free online with Netflix in the future, but it would be months before the current season would be added to the Netflix lineup. You can learn more about Netflix in our full review.


You can place any questions you might have about how to watch Home Free full episodes in the comment section. Watching TV online is easy, but it becomes even easier with the help of our guides! If you’re looking for a way to save on Internet services, our ISP search tool is here to help!

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