Watch Into the Badlands Online: Live Stream & On Demand Guide

watch into the badlands onlinePhoto Credit: James Dimmock/AMC
watch into the badlands online

Photo Credit: James Dimmock/AMC

Into the Badlands is set to premiere on November 15 at 10:00 p.m. ET on AMC. The genre-bending martial arts series is based off of a classic Chinese tale called Journey to the West. If the trailers and pictures are any indication, this is set to be an incredible television event that you don’t want to miss out on.

While AMC is a cable TV network, the good news is you don’t need cable to enjoy every moment. There are a few legal options to watch Into the Badlands online that you need to know about – services that’ll let you stream the first season live as it airs, or watch episodes the next day at your discretion, it’s your choice!

Read on to learn about the best legal ways to watch Into the Badlands online.


Sling TV Offers Both Into the Badlands Live Stream and On Demand

what is sling tv

Into the Badlands is coming to live television on November 15, but you don’t have to resort to cable to watch it. One of the best options to watch Into the Badlands live stream is with Sling TV. Going with Sling TV will allow you to watch the live streams of over 20 different channels, including AMC, all for $20 a month with their “Best of Live TV” package. Channels such as ESPN, ESPN2, as well as TNT and CNN, it’s truly the best of what live TV can offer without all the contracts of regular cable.

As an added bonus, you’ll be able to watch Into the Badlands online on demand with Sling TV’s on demand section, so you’ll never have to miss an episode, even if you miss the live airing (shows usually become available immediately after airing, but sometimes take until the next morning). You’ll be able to watch either a AMC’s live stream or on demand from your phone, computer, tablet, or TV with a streaming player (Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, and more), giving you plenty of ways to watch. Check out our full Sling TV review here.

If you’re planning on watching the full season of Into the Badlands, sign up for three months and you can get either a free Roku Streaming Stick or 50% off of a Roku 3 as an added bonus. This is a great way to watch Into the Badlands and everything else Sling TV has to offer directly on your TV.

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PlayStation Vue Offers Into the Badlands Live Stream in Select Cities

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Another legal way you can catch the premiere of Into the Badlands online goes directly for owners of the PlayStation 3 or 4 gaming consoles. Vue is a live streaming service that gives subscribers access to a variety of popular pay TV channels. The service does start at $49.99 a month, which is more expensive than Sling TV.  You can stream TV channels to your PlayStation. However, Vue is only currently available in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, Dallas, and San Francisco.


Catch Into the Badlands Full Episodes the Next Day with Video On Demand Services

The last legal online way we would like to inform you about is next-day on demand services like Google Play, Amazon Instant, and iTunes. You can download and watch each episode of Into the Badlands the day after they air, but the cost can get a bit high – each episode can cost anywhere from $1-3, but there’s usually a better deal in buying the entire season instead (iTunes has the entire season available to preorder for $14.99).

Have any questions about how to watch Into the Badlands online? Comment below and we’ll help you out.

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