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Get a realistic look at what college football is really like when you use this guide to watch Last Chance U online. Following the 2015 season of the East Mississippi Community College football team, the fascinating documentary offers a peek at players' lives on and off the field, many of whom will have one more chance to triumph in their college careers as they train to hopefully enter the NFL.

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Last Chance U is a six-part series that gives an incredible behind-the-scenes look at small college football in the form of the East Mississippi University football team and its fight to win the 2015 National Junior College Athletic Association championship. It is indeed the last chance for many of these players to hit the field, so they’ve got to make it count. If you’re interested, here’s how you can watch Last Chance U online, totally free.


Watch Last Chance U Online Only Through Netflix

watch last chance u online

You can watch a Last Chance U live stream online free if you know where to look! Fortunately, it’s not too hard as this show is a Netflix exclusive. As long as you’re a member of Netflix, you have every episode of Last Chance U (all six of them) available for streaming anytime on any device. If you don’t know how Netflix works, you just pay a low monthly fee and you can stream unlimited TV shows and movies. It’s America’s most popular streaming service for a reason! For only $11 a month, you have all you can watch. You can even sign up for a 30-day free Netflix trial to try it out and watch Last Chance U online free. If you’re still not convinced, read our Netflix review here and learn what each level of subscription gets you.


Can I Stream Last Chance U Online?

Want to stream Last Chance U online? The Last Chance U live stream is available for free if you want to sign up for a Netflix 30-day trial.


When Does Last Chance U Come Out?

Last Chance U released on July 29, 2016, on Netflix, so make sure you add it to your queue.


How Many Episodes of Last Chance U Will There Be?

There are six episodes Last Chance U full episodes, all released at one time. If you’re a sports fan, Last Chance U gives a real look at some of the hardest working athletes you’ll ever see. If you’re not a sports fan, though, Last Chance U is still a great watch, as many of the players have found themselves in trouble elsewhere, so their attempt at redemption is incredibly compelling.

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