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The wardens who protect the parks and wildlife throughout the state of Texas are highlighted in this Animal Planet animal justice series. Want to watch Lone Star Law online?

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The Animal Planet has several shows dedicated to people who fight for animal safety and protection, and one of their newest productions is Lone Star Law. The show, which premieres June 2, goes behind the badge and follows a select few of the 500 wardens of Texas Parks and Wildlife as they chase down those who choose to violate the law. If you want to watch Lone Star Law online free, here’s what you need to do.

Watch Lone Star Law Online With PlayStation Vue

watch Lone Star Law online

PlayStation Vue is an online television streaming service, but unlike Netflix or Hulu, it offers live content. You can find our full review of the service here. Playstation Vue lets users who have a PS3, PS4, Chromecast, iOS device, or Amazon Fire TV device watch live streams of certain cable channels, including Animal Planet. Animal Planet is a part of the basic package, so if you fire up your PlayStation Vue when the show is airing, you’ll have the Lone Star Law live stream available for your viewing pleasure. PlayStation Vue actually offers live viewing of local networks in seven major cities, and next day on-demand local shows for most people. Vue service starts at just $29.99 a month — a fraction of what you’d pay for actual cable — and has unlimited streaming. There is one caveat though: you can’t take it with you as PlayStation Vue service is severely limited once you’re not on your home network.

To learn more about the service, and to watch Lone Star Law online free for one full week, go here.


Buy Lone Star Law Full Episodes Online

About 24 hours after they air, Lone Star Law full episodes are usually available for purchase on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and Vudu. Buying episodes this way means you own the content for life, but this is usually much more expensive then using a streaming service, as once you buy just a few episodes, you’ve paid the subscription price.

If you’re set on purchasing the episodes individually, however, consider looking into a season pass. Season passes allow you to purchase the episodes at a discount and they also put the TV show directly into your viewing queue once it’s available to watch.


Is Lone Star Law on Netflix?

Is Lone Star Law on Netflix?

Netflix has lot of great shows, but they don’t stream Lone Star Law. To learn more about the shows that are available, take a look at our full review.


Is Lone Star Law on Hulu?

Is Lone Star Law on Hulu?

Unfortunately, Lone Star Law streaming is not availible on Hulu.

The Animal Planet has been producing some great “animal justice” content in recent years, and Lone Star Law looks to be another hit. Once you’ve watched this show online, use our online search tool to find your other favorite shows. And if you are making the choice to cut cable, use our ISP search tool to find the cheapest and fastest internet in your area.

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