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Crime, Drama, Thriller

Follow Marcella, a returning police officer who's struggling with the psychological effects of tracking down a serial killer. Do you want to watch Marcella online?

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For fans of crime noir, the new series Marcella has been a major hit in the UK, and now American audiences are getting the chance to check things out. This eight-part series stars Anna Friel and tells the story of detective Marcella and the physiological toll she faces after she begins investigating a serial murder after 10 years away. If you want to watch Marcella online free, you do have options available.

Watch Marcella Online With Netflix

watch Marcella online

The best bet and only legal option for watching Marcella streaming is Netflix. The most popular streaming service in the US actually paid for exclusive rights to Marcella full episodes, so you won’t find it anywhere else, and even though the Marcella live stream won’t be available, Netflix is the best option for US viewers. If you’re not already a Netflix customer, you won’t just miss out on Marcella though, but the thousands of other offerings from Netflix. Subscribers pay just one small monthly fee (usually around $10), and then they can stream TV shows and movies on almost any device. There’s even a free 30 day trial of Netflix available for customers to try things out. If you’re curious for more of our thoughts on Netflix, find those here.

Can I watch Marcella online free?

Fans can stream Marcella online free, but they’ll need to take part in the Netflix 30-day free trial in order to do it. That’s the only legal way to find the show online. Netflix has exclusive rights to show Marcella after it airs on the UK’s ITV.

When does Marcella come out?

Marcella comes out on Netflix on July 1, 2016, with all episodes being available for streaming at once.

How many episodes of Marcella will there be?

There are eight episodes of Marcella which will be available for streaming on Netflix.

Marcella was incredibly popular in the UK, and it’s expected to be just as big of a hit overseas with US fans. Now that you know how to watch Marcella online, make sure you don’t miss our online TV show search tool, which gives you a guide to watching almost any television show without cable.

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