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Marco Polo isn't just a kid's game. It's also the name of the early explorer, and in this Netflix original series, viewers see his younger years up until we find him with Kublai Khan, the leader of the Mongols. A story with historical details, greed, rivalry, sexual intrigue, and betrayal, Marco Polo is a tale for history buffs and adventure lovers alike. See our tips below on how to watch Marco Polo online.

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watch marco polo online

Almost everyone knows the name Marco Polo from the kids’ pool game, but few people actually know his story. Marco Polo, a new series from Netflix, tells the story of his early years sitting in the court of Kublai Khan (who was the leader of the Mongol Empire). Marco Polo isn’t just a historical documentary, though–it’s packed with greed, rivalry, sexual intrigue, and betrayal. If you want to watch Marco Polo online, we’ve got a guide for you.


Watch Marco Polo Online Netflix

watch marco polo online

Netflix is the most popular streaming service in America, and it’s your only source for a Marco Polo live stream. With subscription plans that start at $9.99 a month, users get unlimited streaming of some of the hottest shows and movies. If you’re not already a member, you can check out Netflix free for 30 days. You can see our full review of Netflix here to learn more about the three tiers of subscription, device compatibility, and more.


Own Marco Polo Full Episodes With Amazon Instant Video

For fans that want to watch Marco Polo online wherever they go, Marco Polo full episodes are available for purchase through Amazon Instant Video. Keep in mind, though, that single episodes of TV shows usually cost about $2 or $3 a piece, so once you’ve bought a handful of shows, you’ve paid what you would have for unlimited streaming of Marco Polo and thousands of more shows. You do own the content for life, but it’s usually not the best option. We recommended snagging the season pass, which will lower each episode cost slightly.


Can I watch Marco Polo Online Free?

Fans are in luck because they can watch Marco Polo online free if they use the Netflix free trial.


When does Marco Polo come out?

Season Two of Marco Polo is set to debut on Netflix on July 1, 2016, so get ready to add it to your viewing schedule!


How Many Episodes of Marco Polo Will There Be?

The second season of Marco Polo will have 10 episodes, just like Season One. Marco Polo has been incredibly popular in the UK, and if other imports like Downton Abbey are any indication, this one should be a must watch too.

At, we’ve got guides for watching virtually every television show completely online. Once you’re comfortable with how to watch Marco Polo online, just search for your favorite shows with our online search tool and you’ll wonder why you were ever paying for cable!

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