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Enter the world of Mariah Carey with exclusive VIP access. Follow the singer on her new tour and as she spends time with family, her children, and plans her wedding. Here's how you can watch Mariah's World online.

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If you’ve ever wanted to step inside the world of Mariah Carey, the upcoming 8-episode docu-series, Mariah’s World is your chance to do it! The series will give you some VIP access during the start of Mariah’s newest tour, the Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour. The series also details her time spent with her adorable twins and the planning of her now defunct wedding.

Mariah’s World will begin airing on E! on December 4 at 9 p.m. ET. While cable is the easiest way to watch Mariah’s World, if you don’t have cable there are ways to watch Mariah’s World online. The following guide will share all of the ways that you can catch Mariah’s World full episodes online.


Watch Mariah’s World Live Stream on Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is a cheap way to enjoy cable online if you don’t actually have cable. With Sling, you are able to pick from three possible packages. The Orange package is the starter package and it includes 25 channels for $20. This package includes AMC, A&E, and TNT. If you end up wanting more channels, you can add them on! For example, you can add the Lifestyle Plus Extra plan. It’s $5 a month and includes ten popular channels like E!, Oxygen, Cooking Channel, and FYI. You can access Sling TV with any popular streaming device.

You get one week free with the Sling TV free trial. This trial is a great way to watch Mariah’s World online free. If you remain a member, potential perks include the chance to earn a free Roku streaming device or a deep Apple TV discount. Our Sling TV review is available if you have any questions.


Watch Mariah’s World Live Stream on PlayStation Vue

playstation vue

PlayStation Vue packages are reasonably priced at $30 and up per month. You start out with more than 60 great channels. You’ll have something for the whole family including AMC, multiple sports channels, Lifetime, MTV, MSNBC, Syfy, TBS, and USA. Local channels are available, too. Folks in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and four other cities can enjoy local programming as part of their regular Vue package. Otherwise, the on-demand library will have local content the day after it airs. You can watch Vue on a growing number of streaming devices including Roku and Chromecast.

You can watch Mariah’s World online free when you sign up for Vue’s free 7-day trial. If you enjoy streaming on-the-go, you will find that Vue’s mobile restrictions cause a problem for you. Unfortunately, you’ll be tied to your home location and won’t be able to watch outside of the home. Our Vue review has more information.


Is Mariah’s World on Hulu?


Mariah’s World full episodes are not on Hulu, at this time. Other E! shows have been added to Hulu in the past, so it’s possible that you may be able to stream Mariah’s World in the future. You can learn all about Hulu in our full review.


Is Mariah’s World on Amazon Prime?

amazon prime video

You won’t be able to stream Mariah’s World on Amazon Prime. With Amazon Prime, full episodes can’t be added until the season has finished. So, you wouldn’t be able to watch Mariah’s World streaming on Prime (review) for months.


Is Mariah’s World on Netflix?

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Mariah’s World streaming will not be able to be added to Netflix at least until the season has ended. After that, if it’s added, it could be months before it makes it to Netflix (review).

If you want to watch Mariah’s World online, that’s all you need to do! There are plenty of ways to watch TV online, so if there is a show online, we can tell you where to find it. Our ISP search tool is available to help you compare the prices of Internet services.

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