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The season finale for Mom¬†will air on 5/10/18 at 9/8c. For those that haven’t heard of it until now, Mom is a CBS sitcom that follows a now-sober single mother in Napa Valley named Christy. Through the laughter and the comedy however, you start to see that the show focuses more on the bonds of friends and family than anything else, and can hit pretty close to home for many viewers, which really brings out the appeal of the show itself.

With so many older fans and newer ones alike, there’s many starting to wonder if they’ll be able to watch it legally online, and if so, where? This guide is set up to ensure you know a few of your legal options to watch the premier, and the previous seasons in the best way – online. Read on to learn how you can watch Mom online.


CBS All Access Features Full Live Streaming and On Demand Mom Episodes

CBS All Access

If you’re in search of the best spot to watch Mom online, there’s no better place you’ll find legally, than right with CBS All Access. This service includes access to a full on demand section as well, so you can rehash some of the older episodes or even binge watch the show entirely if you wanted. It also makes it possible to watch many other hit CBS shows, on top of having live stream access to the channel itself (in select markets).

The best part about it is that you’ll be paying less than you would for either Netflix or Hulu at only $5.99 a month. For anyone that wants to legally watch Mom live stream or on demand, this is definitely the first place you should check out!

Click here to get a free 7-day trial of CBS All Access.


Watch, Record and Playback Mom with an Antenna and DVR Combo

Here’s a really great way to catch Mom and many other shows like it – using a digital antenna and DVR combo. If you want to cut your cable for good, this will be your best option for digitally viewing regular television shows. Here’s how it works — a digital antenna like the Mohu Leaf 50 will pick up any local signals within a 50 mile radius (CBS is an over-the-air network), making it possible for you to watch any of those channels on a connected device.

After you get your antenna set up, well, what’s TV these days without a DVR? The ability to pause live television, fast forward through the commercials and rewind at will – not to mention recording, have all become invaluable to many people across the globe. A system like the Tablo DVR (review) is incredibly easy to set up, and will let you watch Mom and any of your other recorded shows whenever you’d like! The best part is you can stream live TV and recordings from your Tablo to your connected devices anywhere you go. This is another good way to watch Mom online.


Watch Full Mom Episodes Using any of these Digital Ownership Services

One of the last ways we would like to talk about, for anyone that wants to watch full Mom episodes online is with services such as Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon Instant. Going through any of those will allow you to digitally purchase each episode singularly, or as a full season for less than the consolidated cost of each episode. The only downside to this is the price, each episode can cost anywhere from $2-3 and the season pass for $29.99 in HD. So while this route does cost more, you’ll own each episode of season your purchase. If you’re looking for value, All Access is the better overall deal.

Have any questions about how to watch Mom online? Comment below and we’ll help you out.

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