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Starring Jeremy Piven, Mr. Selfridge is a based-on-reality series airing on PBS which follows the founder of the iconic department store, Selfridges & Co.,through his life and trials. Watch Mr. Selfridge online without cable using our guide below.

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watch mr. selfridge online

Mr. Selfridge is returning to PBS for the fourth and final season. With Jeremy Piven in the title role, the period piece is a welcome change of pace for the Entourage alum. Inspired by the real-life historical story of the founder of Selfridges & Co. department store in London, the show follows Selfridge’s private and public life, through his trials and triumphs and reflecting the changes in society around him.

The upcoming season will focus on Selfridge’s gradual decline as he begins to lose everything he has worked hard to achieve. The last nine episodes bring back many of the same cast members, including the always-popular Lady Mae. The final season begins on Sunday, March 27, on Masterpiece on PBS at 10 p.m. ET. Read on to find out how you can watch Mr. Selfridge online.


Watch Mr. Seldridge Streaming on Amazon Prime

watch mr. selfridge online

Amazon Prime currently offers Mr. Selfridge streaming at no extra charge, so if you are a member, you can watch Mr. Selfridge online free and catch up on previous seasons of Mr. Selfridge episodes. Although past seasons of Mr. Selfridge are currently available for free, when the new season starts, you can purchase individual episodes of Mr. Selfridge online through Amazon Instant Video.

Amazon Prime has a vast library of television shows, award-winning programs and original series and specials. In addition, Amazon Prime members can also get HBO shows streaming for free, so you can relive Jeremy Piven’s Entourage days before you watch Mr. Selfridge streaming.

You may think you’re familiar with Amazon Prime, but there is more to it than just a delivery service and a viewing library. Membership to Amazon Prime gives you ad-free music streaming, Kindle e-book rentals, and Amazon Mom, which, gives parents discounts on baby merchandise. There are also a bunch of other benefits to Amazon Prime that you can discover when you check out our full review of Amazon Prime.

One of the best features of Amazon Prime is that it is available on just about any electronic device, Smart TV, smartphone, and gaming console. Find out more about Amazon Prime by trying the free 30-day trial offer, which you can use to watch Mr. Selfridge online free!


Watch Mr. Selfridge Online Free on

watch mr. selfridge online

Usually, after a new episode of Mr. Selfridge has aired, you can find it on typically offers the latest episode of Mr. Selfridge online free, but you can’t find previous Mr. Selfridge episodes online through the website.


Watch Mr. Selfridge Live Stream Using a Digital Antenna and DVR Combo

If you’re slow to give up cable because you don’t want to lose the convenience of a DVR, don’t let it hold you back. You can watch Mr. Selfridge live stream on PBS with the convenience of a digital antenna and still record episodes using a DVR. If you have good antenna reception, available with an antenna like the Mohu Leaf, then you can get over-the-air stations like PBS. You can also watch shows from the major cable networks for free. With a DVR like the Tablo DVR, you can also watch live TV and your recordings on any of your devices, so you don’t have to miss premiere dates just because you’re out of town.


Buy Mr. Selfridge Episodes the Day After They Air with Amazon Instant Video or Vudu

Like we mentioned above, Amazon Instant Video offers Mr. Selfridge episodes the day after they air for a fee. Similar to Amazon Instant Video is Vudu, which also has Mr. Selfridge episodes and other TV shows after they air, usually for $2-$3 an episode. iTunes and Google Play offer similar services as well, but the episodes are usually about a dollar more expensive.Despite the seemingly low price, it actually is a lot more expensive than going with another method to watch Mr. Selfridge online, especially if you plan on watching more than one or two episodes. If you do opt for one of these options, the season pass offers a discounted rate, but it is still a worse value than other services.

Despite the seemingly low price, these methods are actually a lot more expensive than going with another way to watch Mr. Selfridge online, especially if you plan on watching more than one or two episodes. If you do opt for one of these options, though, the season pass offers a discounted rate.


Have any questions about how to watch Mr. Selfridge online? Leave us a message in the comments and we’ll help you sort things out. If you’re ready to check out more ways to watch your favorite shows online, use our handy search tool.

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