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watch mtv movie awards online

There is just something about awards shows that draw you in. It does not matter what the awards are for. There will always be plenty of celebrities and drama to see and gossip with your friends about afterwards. The best awards shows are for movies, because they bring out everyone in Hollywood – the stars will come out again on April 10 at 8 p.m. ET for the MTV Movie Awards. Are you wondering how you can watch the MTV Movie Awards online?


MTV’s annual movie award show will be hosted this year by the hilarious duo Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart. They know each other quite well after co-starring in their upcoming buddy cop movie, so these hosts are sure to keep things interesting. Beyond that, the MTV Movie Awards have become synonymous with scandal. Every celebrity attending the event are out to get or keep their names in the public limelight, and they will do anything to accomplish that. Some dance on stage. Some wear revealing clothing. Others steal the show. Either way, you have to watch the awards ceremony live to get it all. You do not want to be the one that is out of the loop the next morning.


You Can Watch MTV Movie Awards Online

People are still talking about last year’s Twerking Tatum, The Kiss, Robert Downey Jr.’s enthusiastic presentation, and everything in between. Everyone expects the 2016 awards ceremony to offer similar sights and sounds for all to see.

While you cannot get MTV Movie Awards full episodes online since it is a live event, you can watch it live on PlayStation Vue as well as clips via MTV’s own website and YouTube channels. That means you can still watch MTV Movie Awards online free of cable contracts and nightmares!


The PlayStation Vue MTV Movie Awards Live Stream

watch mtv movie awards online

PlayStation Vue is the only MTV Movie Awards streaming service that will allow you to watch the whole ceremony. Vue is also the only place you can find an MTV Movie Awards live stream.

PlayStation Vue (review) lets you watch all your favorite cable networks live, starting with their $29.99 per month basic package. This includes their MTV channel and MTV Movie Awards live stream. The service also gives you local channels as well, though you can only watch them live if you live in either the Chicago, New York, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Philadelphia markets. The rest of us have to settle with next day on-demand videos for our favorite broadcast network shows online, but that is a small price to pay to watch MTV Movie Awards online free of cable.

Seeing the ceremony live on your PlayStation 3 or 4, iPad, Amazon Fire TV or Chromecast device makes the service worth its price. Just make sure that you watch MTV Movie Awards online at home. Sony places steep restrictions on how you can use the service outside your home location, even if you use the iOS app. You will have to deal with limited MTV Movie Awards streaming or no streaming at all.

Either way, PlayStation Vue is the only place you can watch MTV Movie Awards online. It is a live event, and you can only watch it as a live event. If you do not have the live stream through Vue, you will have to settle with MTV Movie Awards streaming clips after the fact, and hope that you can find them before everyone at work discovers that you could not watch the Awards live!


The Show is Over… Now What?

After you’ve enjoyed the antics of the award ceremony, you can still use our watch TV online search tool to find other great shows you can watch online. Even if you do not care about MTV or awards ceremonies at all, we are always here to show you how you can cut cable today and still watch everything you want regardless of the networks that air them.

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