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My Haunted House is a compilation of real accounts from real people who have experienced horrifying haunts in their homes. If you love a good ghost story, you can't miss this LMN series; watch My Haunted House online using our tips below.

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watch my haunted house online

There’s nothing scarier than a good ghost story, but when those stories happen to real people, it’s on an entirely different level. My Haunted House is a show from the Lifetime Movie Network that shares the terrifying accounts of real people who have had their homes invaded by otherworldly visitors. If you don’t have cable, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the chilling tales. Here’s how to watch My Haunted House online.

You can catch My Haunted House in a brand new season that starts at 10 p.m. ET on March 28 on the Lifetime Movie Network. To ensure you catch all the spooky stories, read below to see how you can watch My Haunted House online.


Watch My Haunted House Online Free with Sling TV

watch my haunted house online

There’s only one way to watch My Haunted House online free of charge, and that’s with Sling TV. Sling TV is a service that lets customers watch dozens of television networks live in real time. You can find our full thoughts on the service here. On top of the basic, $20 a month fee, adding channels in the Lifestyle package (which would give you access to watch My Haunted House live stream and some episodes on-demand) is only $5 more. If you’ve been considering checking out Sling TV, now is the best time. There’s a free 7-day trial, and if you decide to stay on for three months, you can get a Roku 2 for free. The Roku 2 has a regular price of just under $70, so it’s like you’re getting Roku for $10 off the retail price, and getting three months of Sling TV free in the process. Talk about a great way to watch My Haunted House online free for three whole months!


My Haunted House Episodes Are Available to Buy Permanently

Once an episode of My Haunted House airs, it’s available to buy 24 hours later from services like Amazon Instant Video and Vudu. When you watch My Haunted House online this way, you are buying these episodes forever, which means you can watch them anytime. It’s worth noting that this method quickly adds up, because once you’ve paid for just a few episodes, you could have paid for a whole month of streaming thousands of more shows and movies. If you do choose to go this route, your best option is going to be to purchase a full season pass.

If you’re a fan of My Haunted House, be sure you catch another great show from Lifetime called The Haunting Of, where celebrities share their real life ghost encounters. You can find out how to watch that (plus just about any other TV show) with our convenient online search tool.




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