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Murder mystery fans, unite. On American Gothic, a prominent Boston family begins to unveil family secrets as they learn that one of them is linked to a string of murders and paranoia builds. The show airs on CBS, but you can watch American Gothic online using the tips below.

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Murder, betrayal, shocking secrets, and mystery are all paramount to the family drama American Gothic coming to CBS on Wednesday, June 22 at 10 p.m. ET. The show, presumably named for the famous painting that depicts American life, was created by the minds behind hits like The Good Wife and The Americans. It stars Justin Chadwick, who has been a guest on popular shows like Lost and Orphan Black, and Stephanie Leonidas, who science fiction fans know from the show Defiance. If you’re wondering how you can watch American Gothic online without cable, let’s take a look at the options.


Stream American Gothic with CBS All Access

watch american gothic online

CBS is notoriously difficult to watch without cable, but it isn’t impossible. They’ve launched a standalone streaming service called CBS All Access which costs users only $5.99 per month. Once you’ve subscribed, you have access to a huge library of on-demand shows, both past and present. New episodes are available the day after they air. This means you can watch American Gothic online in your home directly from the source.

CBS All Access (review) is convenient. It works with a variety of streaming devices including smartphones, tablets, computers, and players such as Roku or Chromecast. And, as an added bonus, 132 markets offer the ability for subscribers to watch their local CBS affiliate live streaming. This counts for about 80% of the country, and the number of participating areas is growing. So if you’re in these regions, you can watch American Gothic online live as it airs.

Sign up for a free 7-day trial and you can both try out CBS All Access and watch American Gothic online free to see what you think.


Watch American Gothic Online at

watch american gothic online

While we can’t make any guarantees, usually offers a small rotating selection of free episodes right on its website. It is highly likely that they’ll include this brand new show to attract viewers, so you may be able to watch American Gothic online free.

The selection is small and new episodes are usually added about a week after they air. But check it out to see if it is a way that you can stream American Gothic at home at least to see what it is all about.


Is American Gothic on Netflix?

watch american gothic online

Since Netflix is a streaming video service at its heart, new shows take a while to appear on their network. There may be a time when you can watch American Gothic full episodes on Netflix, but probably not for at least a year after the premiere airs. In the meantime, feel free to check out our Netflix review.


Is American Gothic on Hulu?

watch american gothic online

Hulu (review) is one of the premier on-demand television services available today. However, it does not currently partner with CBS to air their programming. You won’t be able to watch American Gothic online with Hulu. And don’t confuse the new show with the 1995 horror series with the same name, which is on the service. It’s a very different program.


Watch American Gothic Streaming Over the Air

There is a silver lining when it comes to CBS and other broadcast networks. Because channels like CBS, ABC, FOX, and NBC are over-the-air, you can access them free if you get good antenna reception. And today’s antennas are nothing like their 1970’s predecessors. Digital antennas are reliable and unobtrusive like you’ll read in our comparison guide. This way, you can stream American Gothic right to your TV completely free, for just the investment of the equipment.

You can also add a digital DVR to broaden your experience, and our DVR guide is a great place to start if you’re in the market for one. This type of device allows you to record broadcast networks so you can watch American Gothic streaming at your convenience. You can also use it to stream your favorite shows to connected devices when you’re not at home and watch American Gothic online free from wherever you are.

This covers the current ways you can watch American Gothic online. What others shows do you want to see if you can watch without cable? Search here for your favorites. And, if you’re considering making the switch away from cable, you can also see which ISPs in your area offer the best internet deals for cord cutters.

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