Watch the NFL Playoffs Online: 2017 NFL Playoffs Live Stream Guide

On Saturday, January 7th, the NFL playoffs will kick off, and millions of people around the world will tune in to catch the action. Four networks will be broadcasting the NFL playoff games: ESPN, NBC, FOX, and CBS. Without a cable subscription it may seem overwhelming to watch the NFL playoffs live stream, but thankfully there are now multiple methods you can use to watch NFL playoffs online, including a free Super Bowl live stream.

Within the last couple of years, the trend of cable cutting has rapidly grown. With this have come new and unique offerings for football fans to legally watch NFL playoffs online – both live and on-demand. Below is a guide on all of your options this postseason to watch football live from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re looking to catch an NFL playoffs stream or two, or wanting to keep up to date throughout all the postseason action, you’ll find the right method for you below.


Use DIRECTV NOW to Watch the NFL Playoffs Online

directv now review

This year, there’s a new player in town – and we’re not talking about a new quarterback. This year, cord-cutters have another option to stream NFL playoffs games online, and that option is to use DIRECTV NOW.

This brand new service, launched in November 2016, is a complete online streaming service that offers you 60+ channels, without cable, for $35 a month without a contract.

DIRECTV NOW (review here) will be useful for NFL Playoffs streaming because it offers ESPN (which will host a Wildcard game), as well as FOX and NBC in select areas. These three channels will cover the majority of NFL Playoff game live streams, with the exception of a few games that air on CBS.

You can use DIRECTV NOW on most streaming devices, computers, mobile devices, and more. If you want to watch on your TV, you’ll want to have a streaming device. Don’t have one? DIRECTV NOW will give you a special deal on a streaming device when you prepay for service! These devices will let you stream the NFL Playoffs games live on your TV.

You can also try DIRECTV NOW out for free with the 7-day free trial offer.


Watch NFL Playoffs Live Stream with Sling TV

Sling TV reviews

Sling TV is one of the top options to watch live TV without a cable subscription, and one of the best ways to enjoy an exciting NFL playoffs live stream from the comfort of your couch. The live streaming service has a great package of popular cable channels. ESPN is included in this package and the network will be broadcasting one of the four Wild Card games this season. Sling TV also offers NBC and FOX in select areas, which will both broadcast lots of Playoffs action.

With Sling TV’s 7-day free trial you can even watch the game for free while trying out the streaming service. There is also a limited-time offer of a free Roku streaming device if you subscribe to 3 months of Sling TV. Sling TV will certainly be a great resource to watch the NFL playoffs online.

Here are some additional details and features of Sling TV:

  • Basic package includes over 30 channels
  • Networks include CNN, TBS, TNT, ESPN, ESPN2, and AMC
  • Offers NBC and FOX in some areas, in the Sling Blue package
  • No contract required letting you cancel whenever you’d like
  • Costs only $20 per month for the basic package
  • $5 more per month allows you to include add-on packages with more channels
  • A great way to watch NFL Playoffs online
  • Read our full review of Sling TV

For an easy, affordable way to enjoy live NFL playoffs streaming, sign up for Sling TV today and enjoy a free 7-day trial!


Use CBS All Access to Watch NFL Playoffs Online (select games)

cbs all access

CBS All Access is a streaming service designed for fans of CBS’ hit programming. It used to be just for TV shows, but now, you can use it to watch NFL Playoff games online, as well! All games that are set to air on CBS will now also air on CBS All Access, and you can watch these games – and lots more – for just $5.99 a month.

In addition to NFL Playoff game live stream, you’ll be able to enjoy over 8,500 episodes of hit CBS shows on-demand, whenever you want! There’s even a free 7-day trial available – and you can also check out our CBS All Access review to learn more.


Watch NFL Playoffs Online Live With PlayStation Vue

vueSony has recently launched a streaming service of its own – PlayStation Vue. Initially only accessible via a PS3 or PS4, it can now be accessed on most streaming devices. PlayStation Vue has a large package of cable channels, about 45 for the introductory package. Some of the channels included are FOX, CBS, and NBC. However, these channels are only available in certain areas. ESPN is also included. These channels will be airing the majority of the NFL Playoff games live and PlayStation Vue will be a great way to live stream the NFL playoff games. You can check the NFL Playoffs schedule to determine which games you can watch on Vue. The initial package starts at $34.99 and does not require a contract.

Check out our PlayStation Vue review for more details. For now, know that we generally recommend either DIRECTV NOW or Sling TV over PlayStation Vue, because they all offer a similar channel selection, but Vue has some downsides like mobile streaming restrictions.


Use a Digital Antenna to Watch NFL Playoffs Live Streams for Free

antenna DVR combo

All of the NFL Playoff games will be broadcast on over-the-air network channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. As mentioned, even the ESPN broadcast game will be simulcast on ABC. All of these channels can be accessed with an antenna, which connects your TV to the over-the-air network broadcasts. This means for the cost of an antenna and the time it takes to set it up, you can watch every NFL playoff game live in your living room, so long as you live in range of your local stations. If you are in the market for an antenna, we recommend you check out our guide to digital antennas.

In addition, you can pair the antenna with a DVR device. The DVD will let you rewind, record, fast-forward, and pause any live TV you watch on your antenna. This would be an awesome setup during the NFL playoffs, especially if you miss any big plays and want to re-watch any of the action. Check out our full DVR comparison guide to learn more.


Subscribe To NFL Game Pass To Watch NFL Playoff Games On-Demand

NFL Game PassThis season, the NFL released its highly anticipated Game Pass service in the United States. The streaming service lets subscribers view tons of on-demand games including all 256 games of this regular season and games from the 2009-2015 season, including Super Bowls. Live audio is actually available for all of the regular season games during the year. During the playoffs, you can watch all of the NFL Playoff games on-demand after they air this season. So, you won’t be able to watch a football playoffs live stream, but you can catch the games after they air. A year subscription costs $99.99 for NFL Game Pass, but right now you can get the rest of the season for just $49.99. Check out our full review for details, Also, there is currently a free 7-day trial.


International Viewers Can Subscribe to NFL Game Pass to Watch NFL Playoffs Online LIVE

For NFL fans outside of the United States, there is an additional NFL Game Pass service. The NFL Game Pass international version provides all of the same features as the domestic version, but also lets you live stream NFL Playoff Games. It’s a great option for fans who cannot easily watch NFL Playoff games online. During the regular season, subscribers can actually live stream all of the games. Learn more about Game Pass International here.


NFL Playoffs Live Stream Schedule


Complete Guide to Watching NFL Games Online

Now you know how to watch NFL Playoffs online – but what about the rest of the season? If you want to learn more about how to watch NFL games without cable, check out our detailed guide on how to watch the NFL online.

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    Thanks for the guide it is very detailed, i am out of USA, i have purchased a US ip dedicated from Purevpn, can i follow the same steps afterwards?

    • If you’re not in the USA you probably have the best option–NFL Game Pass that gives you live streams of games. Look under international options up in the article and try that out!

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    Fox seen=ms to be the only network that doesn’t allow live steaming with some kind of a cable password. I missed the seventh game of the world series because I gave up cable TV and all the hassle that comes with it. can’t a guy just watch a game on is computer? I still have to sit through all the commercials!

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