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Of Kings and Prophets is a biblical drama following the two kings of Israel, David and Saul, and the political intrigue of the time period from the Book of Samuel. Though the show airs on ABC, you can watch Of Kings and Prophets online with the guide below.

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watch of kings and prophets online

Think biblical dramas are only for HBO or the History channel? Think again. ABC is launching the new series Of Kings and Prophets on March 8 at 10 p.m. ET. This new show, airing as a mid-season replacement, will follow the Book of Samuel from The Bible and showcase both kings, Saul and David, of Israel along with their families and the political intrigue of the time.

Beyond what HBO could do with Rome or what History has done with Vikings, this fictionalized version of biblical stories may be one of a kind. You may be worrying that if you don’t have cable, is it possible to watch Of Kings and Prophets online? Luckily for you, the answer is yes. Cable cutting doesn’t have to end all access to network television. Read on below to learn online viewing methods and how you can watch Of Kings and Prophets live stream.


Watch Of Kings and Prophets Online with Hulu

watch of kings and prophets online

Hulu is an extremely popular option for cable cutters; you can read our full review here. If you subscribe to Hulu, you will have access to a variety of ABC shows, including Of Kings and Prophets, the day after they air. Otherwise, with the free basic Hulu service, new shows are typically available eight days after their original air date.

Hulu doesn’t stop there. Because of their vast library of current and past hit TV shows, you can watch other ABC favorites such as Once Upon a Time, as well as many other networks like NBC and FOX. Hulu can be streamed from just about any device, including Roku and your computer, and it is only $7.99 per month for the limited commercials package. For only $11.99 per month, you can eliminate commercials altogether. This is the best way to watch Of Kings and Prophets online with just the cost of the service.

Are you intrigued? You can watch Of Kings and Prophets online free if you check out the free 7-day trial.


Watch Of Kings and Prophets Live Stream on Sling TV

watch of kings and prophets online

Of course, we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t mention Sling TV (review here) in this post. We knew you were waiting for it. Sling TV now offers ABC streaming in select markets. This is huge news for fans of the network!

ABC is part of the Broadcast Extra package that is only an additional $5 per month on top of the already affordable $20 monthly cost of the service. And remember, unlike complicated and expensive cable bills, there is absolutely no contract and you can cancel at any time.

You can watch Of Kings and Prophets live stream in the markets where ABC is available, including Chicago, Fresno-Visalia, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Raleigh-Durham, and San Francisco. Check the Sling website to see if your city is included in the additional areas or to see if the service will be coming soon.

Just like Hulu, you can start out with a free 7-day trial to see what Sling TV is all about. Or, if you’re ready to make the leap, the service is currently offering a free Roku 2 or half off Roku 3 when you sign up for three months of service. Basically, if you sign up for the three months of Sling ($60 value) and choose to receive the Roku 2 ($69.99), you’re getting a quarter of a year of free service and a Roku 2 for $10 less than retail. That’s a deal you can’t beat! Plus, CNET said the Roku 2 works just as well as the Roku 3.

Remember, Sling TV with ABC is currently the only legal way you can watch Of Kings and Prophets streaming, so check it out today!


Buy Single Episodes Of Kings and Prophets

If you’re not ready to make a huge commitment to a streaming or on-demand services like Hulu or Sling TV, you may want to consider your options for buying individual episodes after they air. Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, and iTunes offer you options to buy each individual episodes for around $2 to $3, or the entire season (even before it airs) for a discounted price. This is typically more expensive and a worse value than subscribing to one of the streaming services, but we wanted to make sure you knew all your options.

So, now you’re equipped to make the right decision to watch Of Kings and Prophets online. What about your other favorite shows? Search for them here to learn more!

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