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Famous magicians Penn and Teller host a competition for amateur magicians, with the contestants' goal to craft a trick that the master magicians cannot deconstruct. To watch Penn & Teller: Fool Us online, read our guide below.

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The dream is to be a great magician, to fool your friends with every trick in the book and then some. But, could you fool the masters? The comedian-magician duo Penn & Teller wanted to find out. So, they created Penn & Teller: Fool Us to let budding magicians show off what they’ve got. Their only job is to perform a magic trick that neither Penn or Teller could figure out. Easy, right?

The talented Alyson Hannigan is joining Penn and Teller this season as host. Everyone should be entertained as these magicians take their craft over the top. Luckily for you, it’s no feat of magic to watch Penn & Teller: Fool Us online – we can tell you how!


Can You Watch Penn & Teller: Fool Us Online With Hulu?

watch penn & teller: fool us online

Yes, you can! You can even watch certain episodes of Penn & Teller: Fool Us online free with Hulu. The streaming service already has the first two seasons and will have Penn & Teller: Fool Us full episodes of the third season a few days after they air. They can do this because they are one of the most popular streaming sites out there with a huge library of past and current shows that you can watch on just about any device you have.

They are also the only service guaranteed to have all Penn & Teller: Fool Us streaming episodes free for you to watch any time you want. You just have to sit through a couple of commercials.

You have the option to watch Penn & Teller: Fool Us online with limited commercial interruption for just $7.99, or go ad-free for just $11.99 a month. On top of that you can watch the series for free and without ads if you sign up now and take advantage of their 7-day free trial. Now, that is entertainment.


Watch the Penn & Teller: Fool Us Live Stream with an Antenna

watch penn & teller: fool us online

The good news is that this is a CW show. You never need a cable or satellite subscription to watch a Penn & Teller: Fool Us live stream. You just need a good antenna to stream it out of the air. Then, you just tune into the CW on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET to watch the third season live. You only need to watch Penn & Teller: Fool Us online if you cannot watch a live stream. If that is the case, this guide has some viable options for you.


Watch Penn & Teller: Fool Us Full Episodes on CW app

If you do not want to use a third party service, you can watch Penn & Teller: Fool Us streaming episodes of the CW app. The CW app works on many devices without requiring a pay TV login to enjoy the content like other apps do. You just get to watch Penn & Teller: Fool Us online free of any cable or satellite subscription. You may not find all the episodes on the app. They usually only have the last few episodes that aired, but if you need to watch Penn & Teller online free episodes without dealing with third parties, the CW app is the way to go.


Is Penn & Teller: Fool Us on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, you cannot watch Penn & Teller: Fool Us online with your Amazon Prime account at this time. The CW has placed shows on Amazon before. When they add Penn & Teller: Fool Us streaming episodes to the service, you can use Amazon’s 30-day free trial to watch the episodes for free.


Can You Watch Penn & Teller: Fool Us on Netflix?

No, you cannot stream Penn & Teller: Fool Us on Netflix at this time. Netflix may include full episodes in its library in the future as they carry other CW shows.


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