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Quincy Jones, a young comedian who wants to share his light with the world, stars in this HBO comedy special. Want to watch Quincy Jones: Burning the Light online?

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You may be familiar with Quincy Jones the music producer, but there is another Quincy Jones, who is a comedian. Jones has dreamed of having his own comedy special and, thanks to Ellen DeGeneres, that is going to happen. After finding out he had terminal cancer and only one year to live, the comedian started crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and he raised enough money for his special, Quincy Jones: Burning the Light. With determination to show the world just how funny he can be, Quincy is introducing the world to his own brand of comedy. Want to check Quincy Jones: Burning the Light out? We plan to tell you how!

Quincy Jones: Burning the Light streaming begins on HBO on June 2 at 10 p.m. ET. HBO offers a standalone service aside from cable that will allow you to stream Quincy Jones: Burning the Light and other HBO shows, but beyond that there are still ways that you can watch Quincy Jones: Burning the Light online without cable. The following guide will tell you every way to watch Quincy Jones: Burning the Light streaming online.


Watch the Quincy Jones: Burning the Light Live Stream on Sling TV

Quincy Jones: Burning the Light live stream

If you want to stream Quincy Jones: Burning the Light, one of the best ways to do it is with Sling TV. Sling TV (review) offers 20 popular cable channel live streams plus an on-demand library for $20 a month. You’ll get channels like A&E, Lifetime, TBS, and TNT. You can also add on channels, like HBO, for a small monthly fee which in the case of HBO is $15 a month, or a total of $35 a month for the whole package. The addition of HBO means you have access to the complete library of HBO shows and specials and a revolving library of hit movies. You receive the same HBO content you’d receive if you had HBO NOW or HBO GO. Sign up as a new member and you’ll receive a free week of Sling TV so you can try out the service. Remain a member and sign up for three months of service at one time and Sling TV will give you a free Roku!

T-Mobile users can sign up for Sling TV and receive Sling’s basic TV package, Best of Live TV, for just $14 a month. This 30% discount is good for 12 full months, and it comes with T-Mobile’s Binge-On feature, which allows you to watch as much streaming TV as you want without it counting towards your data plan. Check out this great deal and sign up for your free trial today!

The only way to watch Quincy Jones: Burning the Light online free is with the use of free trials. Luckily, you can sign up for Sling TV’s free 7-day trial and watch this and other shows on Sling TV before you become a paying member!


Watch Quincy Jones: Burning the Light Online with HBO NOW

watch Quincy Jones: Burning the Light online

HBO NOW is HBO’s standalone service that allows you to watch HBO without paying for cable. The cost is just $15 a month, and you receive a full library of hit movies and access to all of HBO’s award winning shows and specials. You have full access to all the previous seasons of HBO shows, including Game of Thrones, Girls, and even older favorites like The Sopranos. HBO NOW also offers the ability to watch new episodes at the same time as they air on TV. While this is not a live stream in the truest sense of the word, the episodes are released on the streaming service at the exact time, which makes it basically the same thing.

HBO NOW’s trial offer lasts long enough for you to watch Quincy Jones: Burning the Light online free and plenty of other HBO shows. You’ll get to binge-watch all your HBO favorites before your membership begins.

Quincy Jones is a comedian with a spark, and you’ll want to be sure not to miss this comedy special — thankfully, with the help of the two streaming services above, you don’t need a cable subscription to enjoy it! If you have questions about how to watch Quincy Jones: Burning the Light online, ask them in the comments! Watching TV online is a great way to save money and our guides can help you find all of your favorite shows! Our ISP search tool is here to help cord cutters save some extra money on internet bills.

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