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You can watch Redskins vs. Ravens online when the games meet head-to-head for their first preseason game of the year.

Where to Watch Online:
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Airing Thursday, August 10 at 7:30 p.m. ET is the first preseason matchup for the Baltimore Ravens and Washington Redskins in Baltimore. The game will air locally on the Baltimore NBC affiliate, but it will also be broadcast on the stand-alone NFL App, NFL Game Day. So if you want to watch Redskins vs. Ravens online without cable, how can you make that happen?

Here is our guide to watching the Redskins vs. Ravens live stream.

Watch Redskins vs. Ravens Streaming Live on NFL Game Pass

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No matter which channel the game airs on locally, anyone out of market can stream Redskins vs. Ravens live with NFL Game Pass.

The service costs $99 for the season and you’ll get access to every live preseason game, including the Redskins vs. Ravens live stream as it airs. But keep in mind that the game will be subject to black outs if you’re in the broadcast market. You can also watch every other preseason game as they happen or on demand. Throughout the regular season, every game will be available online to watch after they’re broadcast, which can be a good back-up if you miss a game.

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Learn about international streaming here.

Try NFL Game Pass FREE and watch Redskins vs. Ravens online free.


Watch Redskins vs. Ravens Live with an Antenna

The game will air on the local NBC affiliate station so if you’re in Baltimore, you can watch the Redskins vs. Ravens live stream with a digital antenna.

Check out our buying guide to learn more about your options here. 


How Else Can I Stream Redskins vs. Ravens Online?

Some of the streaming subscription services will offer NBC live in a few markets. But, this will only be useful if you’re able to get access for the right NBC affiliate stations. Here are the reviews of each service so you can see for yourself.


What Channel is Redskins vs. Ravens On?

Locally, the Redskins vs. Ravens channels is NBC. You can watch NBC online with an antenna or possibly one of the subscription services. If you’re out of market, check out NFL Game Pass and try it FREE.

We hope we’ve answered your questions about how to watch Redskins vs. Ravens online without cable.

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