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Watch Showtime online

Showtime is arguably the biggest premium programming rival to the HBO Empire. It launched in the summer of 1976, not long after its cable counterpart, and quickly became a popular choice for the burgeoning services quickly taking over the nation. In the 1980s as millions of American households switched from rabbit ears to the new cable TV options, Showtime became a place for top-notch entertainment including concert specials, the first made for TV movies, and the now iconic children’s show Faerie Tale Theatre. Today, more and more people are dropping cable and choosing to watch Showtime online. Are you one of them?

Now, as we enter the second half of the twenty-teens, Showtime is more accessible than ever. You no longer need a premium cable subscription at a very high cost to watch the programming that makes Showtime great. For cable cutting adventurers who want to reduce their bills at home and catch their favorite programming on the road, there are a variety of ways to watch Showtime online both for live streaming and on demand. Here are the best methods:

Watch Showtime Online with Amazon Prime Video

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Did you already sign up for Amazon Prime to get the free shipping? Go ahead, admit it. You can also admit that you don’t read Playboy for the articles. Except now you do, but that is another matter entirely. In any case, Amazon Prime has a ton of great benefits not limited to great deals on shipping. With it, you also have access to their immense on-demand library of movies and television shows, many of which are free with the service. In fact, if you’re patient you can watch some recently aired shows about a year after they premiered such as BBC America’s Orphan Black, NBC’s Hannibal, and A&E’s Bates Motel. Or, if you’re not patient, you can buy the season while it is airing so you don’t have to go through the illegal downloading process. It is sometimes good to pay for convenience. But, like many online streaming services, the pay-cable networks were still unavailable.

That is, until now.

Amazon Prime users can now attach an additional subscription that includes access to Showtime for a very modest fee. You can read more about these new offerings in our announcement.

This is our preferred option for accessing Showtime because you can watch their complete library of programming, as well as new shows, as they air. It is also a great way to consolidate your streaming services into one easily searchable and familiar interface.

Currently, you can watch Showtime free by adding a 7-day free trial to your Prime subscription. If you’re not already a Prime member, you can try it for free for 30 days.

Amazon Prime is already a great value at $99 per year, which includes free 2-day shipping on many items and lots of other perks from the website itself. But for only $8.99 a month extra, after the free 7-day trial, you can add Showtime for cheaper than the $11 a month standalone Showtime app.

It is easy to sign up for the free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime and add on the free trial of Showtime. Click here to do it now!

Watch Showtime Online with the Showtime App

Of course, like HBO Now, Showtime offers the ability to buy directly from them. It is only $11 a month. Like its number one competitor, the home of Game of Thrones and The Leftovers, you can watch all of Showtime’s premium programming on any connected device at home or on the go. It works with Apple or Android mobile devices as well as Amazon tablets and Roku.

If you think that the standalone app is best for your cable-free lifestyle, click here to learn more.


Hulu Offers Showtime Live Stream as an Add-On

But maybe you’re more familiar with Hulu. This popular on-demand TV service, which recently launched its Commercial Free version, is also attracting new customers with the ability to add on Showtime for a small additional fee.

Hulu already gives you access to most network and basic cable TV, including NBC, ABC, The CW, and Comedy Central, among others, but by adding the ability to pick up a popular premium channel, the service is becoming even more attractive.

Cable cutters can tell you that using services like Hulu will spoil you with the ability to watch any current TV show on-demand and on your own schedule. Adding Showtime only sweetens the deal.

If you’re a current Hulu user you can add Showtime to your current service for only $8.99 a month. Click here to find out how.


Watch Showtime Live Stream on PlayStation Vue

Not as much of a household name as Hulu or Amazon, the PlayStation on-demand and live streaming service is still a popular choice for people who already have the consoles in their homes. The PlayStation Vue offers similar access to network and classic programming right from your PlayStation device. The same way you play Star Wars: Battlefront and satisfyingly shoot your blaster at that 14-year-old kid named CookieWookie75 online, you can now watch TV with Playstation Vue.

Previously only available on Playstation devices, Vue is now available on Amazon Fire TV devices, and Chromecast coverage should be coming soon. And even better, now you can add Showtime to the service. Just like the other add-on options, the fee is a nominal addition to the service’s overall subscription.

If you’re already a PlayStation Vue customer, you can add Showtime for only $10.99 per month, or $8.99 if you’re a PlayStation Plus member. If you already have Vue, it’s an easy way to watch Showtime online – but if you don’t have Vue, you’re looking at $30 + $11 per month for Showtime and Vue’s basic package.

Is there a downside to Playstation Vue? Unlike Hulu or Amazon, the service is only available on a small number of devices — PlayStation consoles, Fire TV Chromecast, and iPhones/iPads. There are also strict mobile streaming options that block most streaming outside of your home network. Go here for more information.


What can you get with Showtime Live Stream and On-Demand Content?

Hi! Glad to see you here at the end of this post. Now you will be rewarded with a short list of things you can watch on Showtime with the app or add-on subscriptions.

The number of popular shows you can watch on Showtime is astounding. Classics like Dexter and Nurse Jackie are available at the click of the mouse, as well as new series like Penny Dreadful, and critically-acclaimed and award-winning Homeland. If you are looking for some racier fare, you will also be able to watch shows like Gigolos, and the popular Masters of Sex. You really can’t go wrong with any of the available ways to legally watch Showtime online.

Now you know everything we know about watching Showtime online without paying that highway robbery cable bill. If we did miss anything, or you have more questions, let us know in the comments section below!


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