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Superior Donuts is all about the old man that refuses to change his bakery and the young man determined to help him, whether he wants change or not. Keep reading to learn how to watch Superior Donuts online.

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Superior Donuts is a hilarious new comedy about a Chicago donut shop that is surrounded by a gentrifying neighborhood. The owner isn’t planning to update, but when he is fast-talked by his only employee it seems that the shop may be getting an upgrade whether the owner likes it or not. If you want to watch Superior Donuts online, keep reading and we’ll tell you how!

Superior Donuts season finale will air on CBS on 5/14/18 at 9/8c. You have your pick of ways to watch. From using a digital antenna to watching Superior Donuts live stream with a streaming service, there are plenty of options. The following guide will tell you how you can watch Superior Donuts online.


Watch the Superior Donuts Live Stream with CBS All Access

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CBS All Access is the standalone streaming service that offers you tons of CBS shows. You can take your pick between current episodes, full seasons of classic shows, single night events, or even daytime programs. All Access also is beginning to offer exclusive originals you can only find here. In over 80% of the country, CBS All Access offers live streaming service, so you can stream Superior Donuts and other shows as they air on TV. Otherwise, the shows will be added within hours of them airing. You can choose between two packages based on your need to avoid commercials. If you don’t mind them, you can pay $5.99 a month. If you hate commercials you can pay $9.99. Both plans offer you two simultaneous streams at once, so someone else on your plan can be watching at the same time! CBS All Access works on both mobile and streaming devices including phones, computers, gaming devices, and Roku.

Take a minute and sign up for the CBS All Access free trial. You’ll get 7-days free and have a chance to watch Superior Donuts online free. And if you want to learn more, here’s our All Access review.


Is Superior Donuts on Hulu?

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It’s unlikely that Superior Donuts streaming will be available on Hulu. As Superior Donuts is a CBS show, your best bet to Superior Donuts streaming will be CBS All Access. Here’s our Hulu review if you’d like more information.


Is Superior Donuts on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Instant Video review

Superior Donuts full episodes are not available through Amazon Prime. It’s possible Prime (review) could add Superior Donuts streaming at a later time, but it would be after the season had ended. So, if you want to stream Superior Donuts now, you should seek a better option.


Is Superior Donuts on Netflix?

If you want to watch Superior Donuts full episodes on Netflix, you might be waiting for months. Only full seasons are added to Netflix, so the entire first season would need to air before Superior Donuts streaming could be made available. Here’s our Netflix review with more information.


Watch Superior Donuts Online Free with a Digital Antenna and DVR

You can also watch Superior Donuts streaming on your TV. All you need is a digital antenna. Having the right digital antenna is important if you’re a cord cutter! It will ensure that you don’t miss all those great shows on your favorite local channels. Choosing a digital antenna can be tricky, because they come with their fair share of options. The best ones make sure you have a clear picture quality and get as many channels as possible! Once you have an antenna, you should consider picking up a DVR to go with it. Over-the-air ADVRs work without cable, similar to the way a cable DVR works. Tons of features are available, so make sure to find one that allows you whatever you’re interested in. Some even let you pair your devices to your DVR so you can watch shows online!

Watching Superior Donuts streaming is that easy! If you’re looking for other shows and you love watching TV online, our guides are a great place to start. Are you having streaming issues? If so, it could be your Internet speeds. Check out these great Verizon Fios deals and get faster speeds, today!

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