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Watch The Fosters online

Freeform, the network formerly known as ABC Family, is known for its modern, edgy programming that doesn’t sugar coat topics for a younger audience and doesn’t shy away from controversy. A fan favorite, The Fosters, is a perfect example. The story focuses on the multi-ethnic kids, both biological and adopted, living in a household with two moms. The show explores what it is like to grow up as a teenager in a home that doesn’t conform to previously held opinions about what a traditional family looks like. Want to watch The Fosters online? Learn how below.

For fans of The Fosters, cutting cable can seem like a scary prospect. How can you watch The Fosters online safely and legally? Well, you don’t have to break the law to keep up with your favorite family. Here are some great options for keeping up with the show.


Watch The Fosters Online with Sling TV

Sling TV

Our single favorite cable cutting tool is clearly Sling TV. You can’t swing a cat on this website without hearing us extoll the benefits of the services. But it’s for good reason. Sling TV is only $20 a month for the basic package, including Freeform, and provides you access to dozens of networks and programs formerly available only with an expensive commitment to cable. The Sling TV channel list includes more than 20 of the most popular cable networks, including ESPN, TNT, TBS, Freeform, AMC, and much more. With Sling TV you can watch The Fosters online either on-demand when you’re ready or live as it airs on the network. Sling TV is currently the only service that offers the ability to watch The Fosters live stream without cable. You’ll also have access to the networks other cutting-edge shows, like the new series Recovery Road.

If you’re not completely sure, consider starting with a free 7-day trial. This way you can see if Sling TV is right for you, while enjoying some The Fosters free episodes. Another option is to sign up for 3 months of the service and get a free Roku 2. This magic device can stream lots of cable cutting options directly to your TV, including Sling TV. The Roku 2 is a fantastic piece of technology that retails for $69.99. The math works out to 3 free months of Sling TV and a Roku 2 for only $10. That’s a fantastic deal. Or, you can opt for the new Roku 3 for 50% off. The quality between the two Roku devices is still the same, but the Roku 3 offers a couple of additional benefits including voice search and a headphone jack so you can watch The Fosters without bothering the rest of the family.

Start a free trial of Sling TV today!


Watch The Fosters Live Stream with PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue

PlayStation Vue provides another easy way to access The Fosters streaming. Vue offers Freeform streaming, meaning it will be an easy way to enjoy live streaming of everything from this network, including The Fosters.

In fact, Vue provides a lot more than just Freeform – with a whopping 55+ channels in its smallest package, and up to 100+ in its larger packages. For just $30 a month, Vue presents tremendous value for cord cutters. Read our PS Vue review for more.

Right now, Vue is a fairly new service and does not work on as many devices as larger rival services like Sling TV. In order to use Vue, you’ll need to have a PlayStation console, an iOS smartphone or tablet, a Chromecast, or an Amazon Fire TV.

Click here to try Vue free for a week!


Pay for The Fosters By the Episode With These Services

Another great way to watch The Fosters full episodes is to buy the season or individual episodes through a variety of online subscription services. Keep in mind that these services won’t allow you to watch The Fosters live stream – but they are a good way to watch episodes on-demand after they air.

The best option is Amazon Instant Video. On Amazon, episodes of The Fosters will run you $2.99 each.

You can also buy The Fosters on Vudu or iTunes. Each episodes costs around $2 to $3 or you can buy a discounted season pass. Check out all the options to see what works best for your viewing habits.


Is The Fosters on Netflix?

Netflix Logo

Yes! The first 3 seasons of this hit show are available on Netflix streaming. While you may not be able to watch The Fosters free episodes with the online subscription services, you can wait until the seasons are available on Netflix. Netflix is a household name these days and not only can you stream complete seasons of favorite shows and movies, you can also have access to the amazing original programming that Netflix is producing right now, including The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Jessica Jones.

Netflix has even changed the way we watch TV. Many people will wait until a complete season is up on the service and binge watch it, a phrase coined specifically for Netflix viewing.

Seasons 1 through 3 of The Fosters is available on Nextflix (review here), but keep in mind that the newest season won’t be on the service for several months. It can be a very economical way to watch TV if you’re patient.


Is The Fosters on Hulu?


No, currently Hulu does not offer The Fosters. However, Hulu does have some shows from Freeform, so we believe that there is a possibility that Hulu will offer this show in the future. Read our Hulu review to learn more about the service.


Want to Watch Your Other Favorite Shows Online?

The Fosters is a great show, but once you finish that, what are you gonna watch? Looking for the best ways to watch TV shows without cable? Our watch TV online guide covers all the options, allowing you to search for your favorite shows to get answers fast. Enjoy!

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