The Grand Tour: The Name of Jeremy Clarkson’s New Amazon Show

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Well, it’s official. Jeremy Clarkson’s new Amazon Prime show finally has a name…The Grand Tour. In a press release from Amazon, Clarkson and his cohorts, James May and Richard Hammond explain how the name came to be.

According to Clarkson, it made sense because they were filming episodes all over the world and staying in a huge tent. This spawned the idea of it being a “grand tour.” May and Hammond offered their own comedic additions as well.

For those unfamiliar with the trio, they’re well-known for their show Top Gear, which has a diehard following. Their new show, which is an Amazon Prime original, launches this fall. It will feature “short films shot in different locations around the world.”

Fans anticipating the new show can head over to their Facebook page and check out a video that deals with the naming of the show.

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