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The Last Man on Earth is a comedy series set in a post-apocalyptic world. Want to watch The Last Man on Earth online?

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watch the last man on earth online

The Last Man on Earth stars Will Forte in the title role. After a virus sweeps the earth in the near future, Forte’s Phil presumes that he is the last survivor and decides to return to his hometown of Tucson. Soon after, he discovers the error of his belief when he runs into another woman. Want to watch The Last Man on Earth online so you never miss an episode?

The plot continues to unfold as Phil continues to meet other survivors and his reaction to the others results in various hijinks. The Last Man on Earth is a great show to watch, whether you’re all caught up or just getting started watching the show. You can catch up by watching past episodes of The Last Man on Earth streaming online and then watch The Last Man on Earth live stream once the new season resumes.


Watch The Last Man on Earth Online with DIRECTV NOW

watch the last man on earth online

DIRECTV NOW is a great choice if you want to watch The Last Man on Earth streaming. It’s DIRECTV’s standalone service, which means you get a fantastic guide that’s similar to the cable grid you might be used to with cable, making the switch simple. The only difference? You don’t need a satellite to watch your shows! The Last Man on Earth airs on Fox, and DIRECTV NOW offers Fox in one of its packages. The service is $35 a month for over 60 channels, and while it might be a bit more expensive than Sling or Vue, you do get a lot for the price. The service offers live streaming in select markets and does not have the mobile restrictions that plague Vue, either.

DIRECTV NOW is a new service, so they’re always adding new features and devices. They also often have special deals and promotions, such as free streaming players when you prepay for a period of service, so make sure you’re getting the best price you can when you purchase! We recommend starting off with the 7-day trial so you can, at the very least, watch The Last Man on Earth online free.

To learn more about this service, check out our DIRECTV NOW review.


Access The Last Man on Earth Live Stream with Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is a great way to access The Last Man on Earth streaming. Actually, it’s a great way to watch all sorts of TV shows, live sporting events, and more – all without cable, for as little as $20 a month. Here’s how it works:

  • You can sign up for Sling Blue for just $25 a month
  • Sling Blue comes with 40+ great channels which you can watch LIVE!
  • FOX on-demand streaming is available nationwide, while FOX live streaming is available in some areas. FOX hosts The Last Man on Earth
  • So, you can watch the show on-demand from anywhere, and you can catch live shows if you live in select markets
  • Watch Sling TV on almost any device – streaming players, computers, mobile devices, and more.
  • Sign up for a FREE 7-day trial to try it out for yourself

Sling TV is really an all-around cable TV replacement. It’s super affordable, and available without a contract, so you don’t have to commit to anything long-term. You can learn more in our full review of Sling TV.

Also, before you sign up, consider these deals: if you prepay for 3 months in advance, you can get a FREE Roku streaming player courtesy of Sling TV! Or, if you prefer, go with a great deal on an Apple TV. Either way, these devices will give you an easy way to watch your favorite shows directly on your TV.


Use fuboTV to Watch The Man on Earth Streaming

watch the last man on earth online

fuboTV is definitely a sports-first streaming service, which means if you are a sports lover, this is a great option for you. However, that’s not all fuboTV offers. Starting at just $34.99 per month, you can also use fuboTV for The Last Man on Earth streaming. The service offers live streaming for Fox in these select markets: Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Gainesville, Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, Tampa, and Washington D.C. You can also use fuboTV to access other broad entertainment channels like FX and USA.

Two additional features are high-definition streaming and the ability to use a cloud-based DVR so you never miss an episode of The Last Man on Earth. To see if fuboTV is the right streaming service for you, you should read our review, which covers everything about it more in-depth. You should also give the free trial a spin to experience fuboTV firsthand before you buy.


Watch The Last Man on Earth Online with Hulu


We often are asked, is The Last Man on Earth on Hulu? Yes, yes it is! Hulu is one of the most popular ways to watch current and past episodes of television shows, including The Last Man on Earth streaming. With the huge library of episodes, you can catch up on past seasons of The Last Man on Earth, and other shows, as well as catch up with new episodes and watch The Last Man on Earth online as soon as the day after it airs on cable.

In addition to having a vast library of television shows and movies, you can watch Hulu on pretty much any device, making it very convenient. Hulu offers two pricing options, $7.99 a month gives you limited commercials, while $11.99 per month allows you to watch shows without any ad interruptions. Learn more about Hulu in our full review, and then check out the service yourself with a free 7-day day trial.


PlayStation Vue Lets You Watch The Last Man on Earth Live Stream (in Select Cities)

Playstation Vue

PlayStation Vue allows you watch The Last Man on Earth live stream as it airs on the channel in some of its packages. Package pricing starts at $39.99 a month and offer 60+ channels. PlayStation Vue is available nationwide, but unfortunately FOX live streaming is only offered in some areas.

With Vue, you can watch The Last Man on Earth online with PlayStation Vue via PS3/PS4, iPad, Amazon Fire TV devices and Chromecast. Find out more about PlayStation Vue at our Vue review.


Other Options for Watching The Last Man on Earth Online

Amazon Instant Video allows you to buy The Last Man on Earth full episodes online, the day after the show airs. Episodes can be purchased for $2-$3 each, and discounted season passes are available.

With Vudu, you can watch The Last Man on Earth Online via iTunes and other similar services. With Vudu, your best route is to go with the discounted season pass. Vudu allows you to own content for life, however it is generally much more expensive and a less good value than going with a subscription streaming service.


Is The Last Man on Earth on Netflix?

No, unfortunately you cannot currently use Netflix to watch The Last Man on Earth full episodes. We’ll update this guide if the show is added in the future.


Is The Last Man on Earth on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Video has a huge selection of on-demand content to watch, but unfortunately it does not currently offer The Last Man on Earth streaming. Amazon Prime is certainly still worth considering, however, given all the benefits it offers.



Watch The Last Man on Earth streaming with whatever option works best for you and then discover more ways that you can watch TV online with our search tool.

If you’d like to read more about the show, check out the official show page on Fox’s website.

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