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A group of doctors out of the army find themselves working the graveyard shift at a hospital that packs in the patients - and the drama. Read our guide to watch The Night Shift online.

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Medical dramas remain popular television and The Night Shift is no exception. The show follows a group of doctors including Dr. TC Callahan, Dr. Jordan Alexander, Dr. Topher Zia, Dr. Drew Alister, Dr. Paul Cummings, and Dr. Krista Bell-Hart. Three of these doctors are connected to the military, and they all work on the overnight shift at San Antonio Medical Center.  Drama and high paced action complicate the everyday lives of these busy life-savers. Want to learn more? Stay tuned for all the information you need to watch The Night Shift online.

The Night Shift will return to NBC on June 1 at 10 p.m. ET. Since The Night Shift airs on NBC there are plenty of ways to watch it for free, whether you have cable or not. If you want to watch The Night Shift online you can pick between live stream, on-demand, or you can even choose to buy your episodes. The following guide will help you with all of this and more.


Watch The Night Shift Streaming on Hulu

watch the night shift onlineHulu is one of the most popular streaming services available online. Offering a huge variety of current and former TV shows, and an equally impressive library of films, Hulu (review) has something for everyone in the family. New episodes arrive usually within eight days of airtime, but in most cases, Hulu has them the day after they air. As far as The Night Shift goes, new episodes are available the day after they air on TV, and the five most recent episodes are available. You can watch Hulu on most streaming devices, and if you’re new to Hulu you’ll get a free 7-day trial! If you can handle a couple commercials, Hulu only costs $7.99 a month with no contracts. If you don’t have time for commercials, you can skip them by paying $11.99 a month.

Don’t forget the Hulu free trial is an excellent way to watch The Night Shift online free. You’ll get seven days to watch this and other shows to determine if Hulu is right for you before you pay a cent.


Watch The Night Shift Live Stream on PlayStation Vue

watch the night shift online

The best way to watch The Night Shift live stream online is with PlayStation Vue. Vue is a live stream service that offers as many as 60 channels including NBC, and an on-demand library for just $29.99 a month. Other channels you receive include AMC, Bravo, Lifetime, Food Network, TNT, and many others! You also get other local channels! If you live in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, or Miami you get the local channels in live stream, like all of the other channels. If you’re not in one of these cities, you’ll receive the local content in the on-demand library the day after the shows air on TV. Vue (review) is available on PS3 or PS4 gaming consoles, iPad, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV.

The one downside here, is that Vue is not friendly to mobile users. PlayStation Vue ties your account to a home location. Severe mobile restrictions make it almost impossible to watch Vue programming outside of the house. So, if you like watching things outside of the home, Vue may end up being a disappointment to you.


Watch The Night Shift Online Free with a Digital Antenna & DVR

watch the night shift online

You can stream The Night Shift for free if you have a digital antenna. If you live in a city you shouldn’t have any problem getting NBC and plenty of other channels. There are a lot of great antennas on the market and once you buy one you won’t have to pay anything additional to watch all of the channels it finds. If you’re unsure of which antenna is right for you, we have a guide that will help you pick the perfect antenna.

You can pair your antenna with a great over-the-air DVR to create a TV experience similar to cable. OTA DVRs vary in functionality, but most of them offer the ability to skip commercials, pause, and rewind. Some also let you record one (or more) shows while watching another. In some cases, you can even send your recordings from your DVR to paired devices so you can watch The Night Shift online. You can find the right DVR for you by checking out our DVR comparison.


Other Ways to Watch The Night Shift Full Episodes

Another way to watch The Night Shift full episodes online is to buy them. Episodes are stored in your own digital library on the service where you purchase them or in some cases you can download them specifically to your hard drive.

Episodes are inexpensive, though prices add up quickly, especially if you’re buying a variety of shows. Subscription services remain the best deal for your money, as you get thousands of shows for one low monthly price. Still, if you’d rather own your favorite shows you can save some money by buying the season pass as opposed to single episodes.

  • Amazon Instant Video: Amazon has some great deals on TV shows, with $2 episodes and season passes which make each episode even cheaper. New episodes are delivered within 24 hours, and you can watch them on most streaming devices.
  • Vudu: Vudu also offers $2 episodes and season passes. New episodes arrive as soon as the next day, and you can watch them anywhere on most devices.
  • iTunes: iTunes is viewable on Apple devices. New episodes are around $3, and most shows have a season pass option available. Episodes arrive as soon as the day after they air on TV.


Is The Night Shift on Netflix?

No, The Night Shift is not currently available on Netflix. If you’re interested in learning more about Netflix, you can check out our full review here.

If you have any questions about how to stream The Night Shift just leave them in the comments. If you’re a TV lover, don’t miss the chance to check out our other guides, offering the best tips on watching TV online. And if you’re a cord cutter looking for better deals on Internet service, our ISP search tool has you covered!


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