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Do you want to watch Trial and Error online? This new comedy, featuring John Lithgow, will take true crime and turn it on its hilarious head. If you've cut the cord, we have your guide to watching the show when it premiers on March 14 at 10 p.m. ET.

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True crime documentaries and dramas are hugely popular right now. So who can blame NBC for turning the genre on its head and creating Trial and Error, a “true” crime mockumentary starring the amazing John Lithgow. The story follows an inexperienced New York City lawyer who travels to a small southern town to make his name in his first big case. The show is sure to be hilarious in a Parks and Rec-meets-American Crime Story kind of way. So can you watch Trial and Error online without cable when it premiers on March 14 at 10 p.m. ET?

You can, and we can tell you how. Here is our guide to watch the Trial and Error live stream after you’ve cut the cord.


Watch Trial and Error Streaming with DIRECTV NOW

directv now review

DIRECTV NOW can be a good choice for cable cutters. This relatively new service from AT&T provides streaming without an expensive satellite hookup. All you need is a reliable high-speed internet connection and you can watch Trial and Error online.

DIRECTV NOW starts with a basic package at $35 per month for over 60 channels. Additional networks and packages are also available, so check out the DIRECTV NOW channel list and our review to learn more. Their base price is higher than some of the other options we’ll be discussing below, but it is an excellent value for the amount of channels.

NBC is included in one of their packages in select markets, so review to see what is available for you. You can also watch NBC content on-demand nationwide, giving you another way to watch Trial and Error full episodes without cable.

They are still announcing features and devices. What they don’t have available now, we expect to be launched in the future. They do offer special deals on discounted or free streaming devices for customers who prepay, so click here for the latest offers.

To watch Trial and Error online free, start with a FREE 7-day trial of DIRECTV NOW and see for yourself.


Stream Trial and Error Live with Sling TV

Sling TV reviews

Sling TV is also a potential cord cutting solution for fans who want to watch Trial and Error streaming when it premiers. Sling TV is a Dish Network product that also provides streaming-online content for customers.

NBC is part of the Sling Blue package, which is $25 per month. NBC live streaming is available in 10 markets including Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. For the rest of the country, NBC content is available on demand. So whether you watch the Trial and Error live stream or on demand, Sling TV is something to consider. Check out our Sling TV review for channels and features.

Sling TV can be viewed on most streaming players on the market. You can watch on your computer or smart device as well as players like Chromecast. They often have special promotions, such a free Roku or discounted Apple TV, so click through to learn more.

Try Sling TV FREE for 7 days and watch Trial and Error online free to check it out.


Watch Trial and Error Online using fuboTV

We don’t want to spend a lot of time going over the details and features of fuboTV, but we do want to mention it as another option to watch Trial and Error streaming.

The real value in fuboTV is for sports fans as it provides one of the most comprehensive solutions for watching live sports. But the service does also have some other general entertainment and news networks in their packages, including NBC in some markets. Areas like Boston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and San Diego will be able to stream Trial and Error live. fuboTV packages start from $34.99 per month.

Get fuboTV FREE for 7 days to watch Trial and Error online free.


Watch the Trial and Error Live Stream with PlayStation Vue

For more options to watch Trial and Error streaming, you may also want to consider PlayStation Vue from Sony. This service is similar in many ways to the previously mentioned solutions, but there are some differences as well.

PlayStation Vue offers live, local channels in 7 U.S. markets which means you can stream Trial and Error live on NBC from cities like New York, Miami, and Chicago. The cost in these areas starts at $39.99 per month. For the rest of the country, NBC is available on-demand the next day. The cost without live local channels starts at $29.99 per month. Check out the PlayStation Vue packages available.

Vue works with PS3/PS4 consoles, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TC, and Apple and Android devices. There is no support for Apple TV.

But fans should note that Vue is tied to your home network, which means streaming on the go is restricted. Even with the mobile apps, your ability to watch Trial and Error full episodes away from home is limited.


Is Trial and Error on Hulu?

hulu review

We are excited to let fans know that Trial and Error full episodes will be available on Hulu. New shows are can be streamed usually with a few days of airing, so we are looking forward to the ability to stream Trial and Error episodes on demand.

Hulu has a lot to offer. They feature current shows from many networks, including NBC, ABC, and FOX. Plus, they have a huge library of past TV shows and movies to choose from. All of this is only $7.99 per month with limited commercials. Or, if you’d rather cut commercials out altogether, you can pay $11.99 for no ads. It works on any device. Read our Hulu review to see more.

Try Hulu FREE for 7 days and watch Trial and Error online free to see if this on demand service is right for you.


Is Trial and Error on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Instant Video review

Amazon Prime is great for a lot of reasons, and their streaming video library is just one of them. But you won’t be able to stream Trial and Error for free quite yet. The show will be available for purchase with Amazon Instant Video and you can buy individual episodes or the complete season even before it airs. Once you own the content, you can watch any time.

But considering Amazon Prime isn’t a bad way to go for the other benefits. Many people subscribe just for the free 2-day shipping on thousands of items from the online store. You can also get free video content, including the complete original HBO catalog, and streaming music. Read our Amazon Prime Review to see more details.

Amazon Prime is only $99 per year, or you can select one of several monthly payment options. The video streaming service only is $8.99 per month or the complete prime membership is $10.99 per month. The annual subscription is the best cost value.

Try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 days before you decide.


Is Trial and Error on Netflix?

Because Trial and Error is a brand new show, it isn’t going to be on Netflix yet. We don’t have any reasons to believe that it wouldn’t hit the site in the future. New series often appear about a year after their original premier date, give or take a few days or weeks.

Netflix is one of the most popular on-demand streaming services on the market today. And with the amazing original productions available, you certainly can’t go wrong with a subscription. Read our Netflix review here or visit Netflix directly to learn about their pricing structures.


Watch Trial and Error Online Free with a Digital Antenna and DVR

Since NBC is a broadcast network, there is one other option for you to watch Trial and Error online without cable. If you’re in the broadcast area for a local NBC affiliate station, you can use a digital antenna to pick up the over-the-air signal at home. To learn more about digital antennas, check out our complete buying guide here.

But, to make this even cooler, you can add an over-the-air DVR to allow you to watch Trial and Error online free. That’s right, a DVR can allow you to record shows or stream them live to a connected device if you’re away from home.

That is what we know about how to watch Trial and Error online without cable. To find out about watching your other favorite shows after you’ve cut the cord, search for them here. We also suggest you check out special deals just for cord cutters on internet service providers in your area.

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