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Making light of the crazy presidential race that the US has been watching debate-by-debate, Trump vs. Bernie: Debate for America is a two-part comedy special airing on Fusion that features two impressionists posing as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. If you love political humor, you'll want to watch Trump vs. Bernie: Debate for America online as it airs live.

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watch trump vs. bernie: debate for america online

Election coverage can sometimes get a bit too serious, so Trump vs. Bernie will be a nice breath of fresh air. It’s a two-part comedy special coming to Fusion, which will showcase impressionists playing Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders and debating America’s biggest issues. The show premieres on April 27 at 9 p.m. ET, and the second part will air on May 11. Even if you don’t have cable access, there are plenty of legal ways you can watch Trump vs. Bernie: Debate for America online. The guide below will outline the best options.

Watch Trump vs. Bernie: Debate for America Online with Sling TV

watch Trump vs. Bernie: Debate for America online

Easily the best option, Sling TV (review) is a streaming service that offers all your favorite shows from networks such as CNN, AMC, ESPN, TNT, A&E, History, Lifetime, and more. For $20 a month you gain access to over 20 channels, with content that you can stream straight to your television, or to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Sling TV offers the Fusion channel for $5 a month in the World News package on top of the basic package, so it’s perfect for watching Trump vs. Bernie: Debate for America online in full. If you’re interested in testing the service, Sling TV offers a free 7-day trial, which would be perfect for you to use to watch Trump vs. Bernie: Debate for America online free when the second part airs.

To top it off, there is currently a Roku deal for you to take advantage of. Simply sign up for three months of Sling TV service, and you will receive a free Roku 2 (usually a $69.99 device) or half-off a Roku 3. The Roku 2 is just as fast as the Roku 3, and the way the deal is structured basically means you’re getting a Roku 2 for $10 off retail price, plus three months of free Sling TV service. There is also a special deal for T-Mobile customers, which is 30% off the Best of Live base TV package. That works out to $14 a month, so it’s quite an attractive option. The pricing is good for up to one year, and since Sling TV doesn’t utilize contracts, you can cancel anytime without penalty. Also, with Sling TV’s Binge On feature, you’ll be able to stream Sling TV content on mobile devices without it counting against your data plan.

PlayStation Vue Offers Trump vs. Bernie: Debate for America Live Stream

Trump vs. Bernie: Debate for America

PlayStation Vue is a service that’s vastly gaining popularity, as it allows viewers to stream live sports, movies, news, and more. PlayStation Vue offers Fusion in its Elite package, which is $39.99 and up a month, but it includes over 100 channels. The advantage of PlayStation Vue is that you can watch content right when it airs, on your television or any of the regular devices. If you do plan to stream content to mobile devices or tablets, just keep in mind that content works best inside the home location.

This service is available nationwide, however, live local channels (NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS) are only available in seven major US cities right now. When you’re ready to check out the service, we have a full review to give you more information. Otherwise, you can check out their site to learn more about the offerings.

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with the necessary tools you need to be able to watch Trump vs. Bernie: Debate for America online without cable access. If you have any questions, feel free to make a comment below and we’ll do our best to help you figure things out. As always, our Search Tool is the fastest way to find your favorite TV shows online. In addition, we offer an ISP Search Tool for finding the best Internet deals for cord cutters.

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