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Undercover Boss is a reality series where bosses and managers go undercover within the workplace. Want to watch Undercover Boss online?

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Seven seasons in and Undercover Boss continues to prove that taking people from upper management and camouflaging them in environments with their own employees grabs our attention. We watch to see how their employees candidly reveal details of their work and home lives, and how the undercover boss comes to terms with the realities of the company. As employers and employees ourselves, we relate to the stories and the businesses, tuning in weekly to take in the work-life challenges and revelations. We’ve gone undercover again to help guide you through the various ways you can watch Undercover Boss online.

Whether you’re a recent cord-cutter or a seasoned expert, you may be interested to learn about the various ways to catch Undercover Boss live stream. Today, you have a few different options, as detailed below.


Watch Undercover Boss Online with CBS All Access

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A favorite choice for watching Undercover Boss and other popular CBS shows is CBS’ All Access streaming service. In markets that offer live streaming of local CBS affiliates (nearly 80% of the country), you’ll be able to watch Undercover Boss online live as it airs. But even if you don’t live in one of these markets, CBS All Access will have new episodes of the show available the following morning for on demand viewing on your own schedule.

Boasting over 7,500 episodes on demand, subscription to the service grants access to seasons of The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, The Good Wife, Mike & Molly and more- along with classics that no longer air, such as Everybody Hates Chris, Frasier, Family Ties and I Love Lucy. At a monthly cost of $5.99, CBS All Access (full review) offers a big bang of its own. Plus, with the CBS app’s release of episodes the next day, along with live streaming available in many markets, the service proves itself worthy of its name.

Feeling the need to go undercover yourself before giving up your money? Try one week free first to make sure you’re sold on the deal. Watch from your phone, tablet, Xbox 360 and other devices and check out past seasons and get caught up on shows your friends have been telling you about.


Watch Undercover Boss Online for Free at


If you’re more into the free side of things, go on over to to watch an episode or two of Undercover Boss, and browse others hit shows. The streaming is free, however, there is a delay in episodes being available. The window for watching them on the site is also limited, as the episodes are online temporarily. For those who aren’t ready to commit to a streaming service, going online gets the job done.


Good Old Fashioned TV Serves Up Undercover Boss Episodes

antenna DVR combo

Never underestimate the power of a good antenna. Viewers can watch episodes of Undercover Boss as they air live on CBS using their TV with an antenna. For those without rabbit ears, the Mohu Leaf 50 is up to snuff as an amplified HDTV antenna, allowing you to watch shows as they air.

Looking for DVR options, without being attached to cable service? The innovative Tablo is a popular over the air DVR for cord-cutters like us. With the flexibility to watch, record, stream and pause live shows from a variety of devices at any time, the Tablo is another great way you can be the boss and take charge of your streaming entertainment.


Now that you’ve learned how to enjoy Undercover Boss streaming from home, you may be wondering about your other favorite shows. Check out our TV show streaming guide. You can also get a good deal on internet via our ISP search engine!

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