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Airing on TLC, What If We Get Married is a reality show that explores the new marriages of couples who never actually dated. If you want to catch the relationship drama but don't have cable, use our tips below to watch What If We Get Married online.

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watch what if we get married online

In What If We Get Married, couples explore what it is like to marry someone they have never dated. Throughout the course of the show, you’ll see two couples that are marrying that have only ever been best friends or friends with benefits. Together they will explore the importance of dating and skip the tradition in favor of the plunge. Ready to watch What If We Get Married online? Keep reading to learn how.

What If We Get Married is a brand new series that will hit TLC April 1 at 9:30 p.m. ET. If you want to watch What If We Get Married full episodes, you can watch online if you don’t have cable. This guide will tell you all of the best ways to watch What If We Get Married online.


Watch the What If We Get Married Live Stream using Playstation Vue

watch what if we get married online

Playstation Vue is a live streaming service that provides over 55 channels just like cable would, but without the high monthly bill. Vue offers a variety of channels like TBS, AMC, and TLC, which ensures that you can watch What If We Get Married online for just $29.99 a month when you opt for the Access Slim package. You also have access to local channel live streams if you live in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, or Dallas. If you’re not in one of these areas, the local channel content will be made available to you in the on-demand library a day later instead of through a live stream. You can watch Playstation Vue on a variety of devices including PS3 or PS4, iPad, Amazon Fire TV, or Chromecast.

To learn more about PlayStation Vue, read our full review here. If you want to watch What If We Get Married online free, your options will be limited, but one option is the PlayStation Vue free trial. That will give you a week to watch the What If We Get Married live stream and any other shows you want before your paying membership begins.

Catch What If We Get Married Streaming on Hulu

watch what if we get married online

Hulu is a streaming network that provides new episodes of some of the most popular TV available. Hulu works with a variety of networks to provide new episodes as soon as possible, usually between one and eight days after the episodes have aired on television. In addition to new episodes, Hulu offers a large catalog of full seasons of older shows and an impressive selection of films. As far as TLC goes, Hulu offers episodes for many of their shows, so we anticipate that they will also offer What If We Get Married streaming, also. You can stream Hulu on all major devices. The prices for Hulu are more than competitive. If you’re okay with a few commercials, you can get away with paying $7.99 a month for your subscription. If you want to avoid ads, you still only pay $11.99 a month.

Our Hulu review will give you more details about subscribing to Hulu. The free 7-day Hulu trial is one temporary option to watch What If We Get Married online free. This free week trial will allow you to use Hulu and see if it’s right for your streaming needs.


Other Great Ways to Watch What If We Get Married Online

There are a number of great ways to watch What If We Get Married online. If streaming subscription services aren’t a good fit for you, the other option is to purchase the episodes. The plus side to this is that you’ll own the episodes and will be able to watch What If We Get Married streaming wherever and however you want in most cases. The downside is the cost adds up. If you’re going to buy the separate episodes, your best bet is a season pass that will keep costs down.

  • Amazon Instant Video: With Amazon, you receive single episodes for $2 and that cost-per-episode gets lower if you buy the season pass. New episodes are available as soon as 24 hours after they air on television.
  • Vudu: Vudu users only pay $2 for new episodes and can also choose to buy a season pass. New episodes arrive the day after they air on TV. You can watch Vudu with most major devices.
  • iTunes: iTunes receives new episodes on the same time schedule as most of the other services. New episodes cost closer to $3 though most shows do offer a season pass to cut the costs a little.

If you still have questions about how to watch What If We Get Married online, you can leave us your questions in the comments. Visit our other guides for information on how to watch TV online.

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